Children with Past Lives- Validations

Past lives have great importance in understanding who we are today. We are who we have been. We can use the information we receive to help heal us from illnesses, fears, phobias, depression, anxiety, understanding our relationships and blockages we carry over from past lifetimes that are preventing us from a happy full life.

We can also understand our gifts and how to use old ones in our lifetime now.

Research has been validating past lives from documenting historical information, science finding the area of the DNA holding past life memories, and brain scans showing highlighted areas that hold spiritual memory. The support is powerful now that past lives do exist.

The following is a show that now reports children having past life memories. They are indisputable  Please watch and decide for yourself.

ghost inside my child – YouTube

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Nov 11, 2014 – Uploaded by newsblogger56

I have memories of being in Vietnam in a past life. I was shot in the head in 1975 then born again in 1979 a few …

The Ghost Inside My Child
TV series

  • Children sometimes report remembering experiences from past lives with many accounts being documented and researched since the 1950s. “Ghost Inside My Child” features stories from children who have vivid memories that belong to other people and spotlights their families, who want to figure out who the children were in their previous lives. Some stories include a girl who remembers being inside the Empire State Building when a plane crashed into it, a boy who remembers a tragic fall that ended his prior life, and a boy who details memories of a tribal rite of passage.

Dr. Oz and other scientific support for Past Life Regression Therapy


The Science Behind Regression Therapy
Could your past life hold the key to healing you in this life? A ground-breaking experiment uncovers what’s really going in our brain during a past life regression.



Dr. Oz. has become our nation’s doctor, open enough to discuss every part of our body and their functions as well as the multitude of healing modalities we have to heal with. He has become this public figure on television bringing the nation our newest medical information.


On Dr. Oz’s show he interviewed a psychologist who discussed how she uses past life regression in her practice, as do many therapists now after seeing the remarkable healing of phobias and unwanted behaviors. He discussed his own past life journey with Brian Weiss on Oparah. Past life Regression Therapy is finally getting out there as a respectable healing modality.


Dr. Oz had talked about past lives on his show. He turned to neuro-psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, who said that evidence shows generational memories are real.

He talked about an experiment where mice were made afraid of the scent of cherry blossoms. Every time the mice smelled the scent of cherry blossoms, they shocked them. After that, they were scared of cherry blossoms, even without a shock. Their children were also afraid of cherry blossoms, even though they had never been shocked. Even their grandchildren were afraid of the scent of cherry blossoms.

Some of our fears or attitudes can be tracked back generationally but does that mean we can’t have our own phobias from past lives? The answer is no. We can carry our ancestors memories but we can definitely carry our own.


Dr. Oz: What Happens in

the Brain During Past Life Regression?


Earlier in the program, Dr. Oz followed the story of Latrice, a woman who learned about a past life of hers. They gave her a radioactive substance before the past life regression therapy so that they could study her neurologically.

Dr. Oz showed the scans of her brain. The scan showed that there was a great deal more activity in the brain during the hypnotic trance. The areas of the brain activated the emotional areas of her brain, as well as an area of her temporal lobe most associated with spiritual experience. Dr. Amen said that this showed she accessed very interesting, emotional, and important memories.


We are finally starting to see how science can help us understand what is going on in the brain and body. A group of scientists are in India studing our cells. They were able to see exactly where we hold past life memories in our DNA. We need and appreciate the scientific studies and support for this work.



Dr. Oz: Is Past Life Regression Real?


Latrice said she always thought past life regression was “mumbo jumbo”. But she said after doing it, it felt really real.

Dr. Amen said this study can’t show whether she really went to a past life, but it definitely does show that something physiological is happening in the brain.

Latrice said her past life regression changed her because she was able to learn how she centered herself in that past life. Now, she said, she just needed to find a way to center herself in her own life.


Thank you Dr. Oz for helping this work get out to the general public.




Past Life Addictions energize our present life addictions






“The meaning of the word addiction in the English lexicon varies according to context. A positive addiction is a beneficial habit, where the benefits outweigh the costs. A negative addiction is a detrimental habit, where the benefits are not worth the negative financial, physical, and mental costs.

Our nation has become a landscape for a variety of addictions. Examples of “negative addictions” are: sexual addiction and compulsion, drug addiction (e.g., alcoholism, nicotine addiction), gambling, egomania, compulsive overeating, shopping addiction, computer addiction, pornography addiction, television addiction, etc.”

Most importantly, where does it begin and why do we do it? I have found that if you have an addiction in this life, it almost always comes from a past life.

These are two stories from my book Footsteps Through the Sands of Time-Past Life Dramas Present Life Lessons illustrating how our addictive behaviors in this life can be energetically attached to our addictions from our past lives.




Katie came to see me to work on her fears around going out socially to parties, dances, and large gatherings with friends. Katie was only seventeen years old and a beautiful girl.

“Why can’t I be like all of the other seventeen-year-olds and enjoy going to parties and hanging out?”


Let’s go back to the root of your fear about going to parties, dances, and social gatherings.

Katie went back to being a young man in a life in the early 1800s in the Wild West. She lived in St. Louis at that time. She had left home at ten years old since her father had left her family as a drunk. Katie saw herself as a drifter.

She progressed to seventeen years old in Boston, where she worked on the docks and drank enormous amounts of alcohol. She then progressed to twenty-five years old, living in San Francisco, where she also worked on the docks. She always had women as one-night stands until she went to San Francisco. She worked, dated, had fun with saloon girls, and the only desire unfulfilled was to travel abroad. Katie had fallen in love with a saloon girl who danced in many shows. When the saloon girl left for another man, Katie left for Paris.

For all of those years, Katie was a drunk and a drifter who had no real ties. She continued to be with many women and continued her drinking. She became much like her father, who left her as a small child and whom she hated.

In Paris, she painted and tried to become a famous artist but ended up dying in the south of France from alcohol poisoning.


Last Thoughts:

I die alone. Fitting.



Awareness and Connection:

Katie was saddened by this drifter’s lifetime. She was able to see that she was abandoned and betrayed as a child by her father in that life, then by her girlfriend in San Francisco, then by the artist community in Paris, and finally by her best friend, alcohol, that finally did her in. Katie left that life feeling deep trust issues and coming into this life especially fearful around friends who were connected to alcohol or drugs. Her cellular memory remembered that people can hurt you and alcohol can kill you.

Once Katie was able to see where her fears had come from, she no longer feared friends or alcohol. She ended up having a great time in college, indulging in both.

Katie also understood why she was uncomfortable being alone.






Peter came to see me since he had been taking pain pills and anti-depressants to take away the pain of losing his wife to cancer. He loved Amy very much and could not bear the deep pain her death left in his own body. The doctors were very happy to give him anything he wanted since they knew he was so depressed. Peter almost died from accidentally overdosing on his pills.

Peter got help at a rehab but knew there were deeper issues. He asked if my work could help him with his addictions. I explained that most of our addictions come from a past life and that removing the energy from the past could help him in the present.

I also explained he could find out why he had to walk through his wife’s cancer: what life brought them here together to walk through this Karma. Peter was up for both.

“I am always in pain.”


Let us go to the root of your pill addiction.

Peter regressed back to a life in Ireland during the famine. He saw himself in rags and his family painfully thin and dirty. He would go out daily, digging up roots or, if lucky, potatoes. Some days he found none, and everyone would go to bed hungry. Peter was the oldest of four boys. He was ten years old when we first came in.

At fifteen years old, Peter saw that he was the only child left since his brothers had died of hunger and malnutrition. Peter had gone out further and further to find roots and potatoes. About six miles from his home, Peter found an old bottle of whiskey a neighbor had thrown away, and that was his introduction to alcohol.

Peter’s mom was very sick and dying in bed. He tried to feed her the last root he had, but she died anyway. Peter felt very guilty that he could not even save his own mother. His father had left the family when Peter was very young to look for better land.

At twenty years old, Peter was now alone. He had been drinking whisky over the years to hide his pain of loss. At twenty-three, Peter died alone with only his whiskey.

Last Thoughts:

I can’t take it anymore.



Awareness and Connection:

Peter cried when I gently brought him back. He said he felt so bad for the poor boy in the story. I explained it was he, and he said that was why it was so sad.

Peter had tried so hard to keep everyone alive, as he had with his wife, Amy. Peter knew he would fail but did not know quite what to do. He did not want to fail again but did. Peter stayed strong in order to take care of everyone, and he did his best to take care of himself until he could no longer do so. The alcohol was a great help to endure the pain and problems in his previous life. In this life, Peter once again turned to drugs to help endure the pain of loss. He could not take the loss of Amy, as he had lost so many others from the past life. There, his drug was alcohol, and here it has been pills.

Peter felt “lighter” when he finished his regression. He said he felt he had just let go of the weight of loss he has been carrying around for lifetimes.




Fears and Phobias


Fears and Phobias


Sometimes, we know from where a fear or phobia might be coming. We know when something in this life triggered the fear or phobia – such as witnessing a plane crash and then being terrified to fly again. However, most of us have many fears or phobias that we cannot explain. For example, we may fear crossing bridges, heights, water, fire, flying, animals, insects, or snakes. Most always, we find the root of these fears to be past-life related and easy to treat. We need only to go to the root of the fear or phobia under hypnosis. It will take us to the actual event that caused it. When we release the energy around the memory and trauma, the phobia is then released and will no longer emerge.

This story is another story from my book to help you understand where many of our fears and phobias begin and why.




A forty-year-old man, named George, came into my office to work on a severe case of claustrophobia. He reported that he would go into a state of anxiety when he got beneath the covers in bed. He felt the same anxiety in elevators or places where he was confined. In obtaining his history, George revealed “the only trauma in his life” was a car accident in which he had been driving and which killed his best friend. He also said he has worked on his guilt and has cleared those wounds.


Intention:  Let us go to the root of your claustrophobia.

George regressed to a medieval life where he was a teenage girl in a field of flowers. She enjoyed being alone, isolating herself from others, without any thought of her vulnerability as a young woman.

While picking flowers, a huge man wearing a black cape and dark clothing kidnapped her and brought her to a large, stone house in a deserted countryside. Not even bothering to remove his black cape, he raped her. Afterwards, he threw her in a deep hole in the ground where she was bitten by rats and died within a week.

Lesson: Strength

Awareness and Connection:


George realized that the blankets evoked the cellular memory of the cape of the black-caped man. The memory surfaced as a phobia. The hole that he had been thrown into triggered fears of enclosed spaces causing the claustrophobia in this life.

I asked him if he recognized the energy of the caped man in this life. George was surprised when he realized it was his best friend who had died in the car crash when George had been driving.

In the past life, George’s friend had caused his death. In this life, George was responsible for his friend’s death. I explained this as Karmic balance. With this understanding, George was able to really release the guilt he had been carrying since the accident.

George needed three more lifetime regressions to release his claustrophobia. After his first session, however, George was able to cover himself with blanket.







CASE STUDY FROM MY BOOK- Footsteps Through The Sands of Time-Past Life Dramas Present Life Lessons


CASE STUDIES FROM MY BOOK- Footsteps Through The Sands of Time- Past Life Dramas Present Life Lessons




Linda came to me upset since her husband had periodically cheated on her and seemed not to care what she thought. She wanted to leave him many times but kept going back to him. She was frustrated and felt hopeless. She had originally married him to get out of her home, away from her abusive parents.



I Just Can’t Trust My Husband!




INTENT– Let’s go back to the core of your trust issues with your husband.




     Linda regressed back to a lifetime in France in the late 1600s. She saw herself as a lovely young French girl in ornate clothing and surroundings. She said she felt bored and catered to. Linda was an only child. Linda grew up in this palatial home with everything a woman could want, except love. Her parents were cold and self centered. They would throw parties to keep up with those in their circle yet would hardly interact with Linda in private or at those parties. Linda looked sad as she reported her relationship with her parents.

We released that sadness and feelings of isolation and abandonment she was feeling at that moment. I could see a lightness come over her heavy mood of depression. We continued to progress in time.

Linda’s only companion and love was that of her horse with whom she spent many hours.

As I progressed Linda along I could almost see the loneliness form in her facial muscles as she held herself lovingly since no one else seemed to in that life. We progressed every five years where she would either be alone or with her horse. Linda started to detach by creating fantasies of romance, love and travel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      At age 18 she described a ball her Parents threw for her. This was a ball for

Linda to meet her future husband. Linda did not want to meet a man this way. Her fantasies were more gallant. She was introduced to a society man who was cruel and noncaring. Linda felt powerless and sad. Where was her gallant knight she fantasized about. We released more anger, sadness and helplessness.

Linda did not love this man and found the engagement silly. Even though she didn’t believe in the formalities of the time, Linda had to honor them and married the suitor her parents choose for her.

Linda became angry sitting in the hypnosis chair, at the thought she had to marry someone she disliked. I too felt this anger, at dishonoring the sacredness of free will choice in love relationships.

            Since I’m hooked up energetically, I tend to feel the same emotions my clients do. Linda marries this cruel man to oblige her father. Whenever Linda could she would sneak off to the stables to be with her horse. Linda confided in Jonathan, the stable boy, about her feelings. He would listen sympathetically and hover reassuringly. This was against society’s rules but Linda started to fall in love with this empathetic stableboy. But Linda didn’t have the courage to run off with her lover.

Time went on this way, until the day the stable boy realized Linda could never be his.He told her it was too tortuous to continue this way so he left. He finally found a woman he fell in love with and married her. He moved away, breaking Linda’s heart. Linda sobbed in the hypnosis chair for his loss. I had her breathe out all the sadness she held. Linda grew distant from her husband, who never knew about the affair with the stable boy. He cared less since there were many ladies of the court willing to be of service to him.

     As the years went on, Linda thought often of her stable boy and the love they shared. Linda grew depressed and very alone isolating herself from everyone and everything. I could see her shrinking in the chair holding herself for comfort in her deep despair. She only wished for peace through death. Please let me die!” she sobbed again, and then we released some more.

     Linda died at age 50 of a broken heart.




LAST THOUGHTS – I miss the stable boy. I am so alone and just want to die.




LESSON– Love and Strength.




AWARENESS AND CONNECTION – Linda cheated on her husband in that lifetime, as did her husband cheat on her. Due to infidelity on both parts they needed to work out that karma here. It is so strong due to the emotional connection for both. Here they had to both stay faithful to clear this karma. Her husband in that life is her husband here. Since Linda married that man not out of love, she needs to learn how to love him here as well, or leave him with love and forgiveness. Linda, we found out by our guides, has seven more lifetimes of infidelity to clear before she can truly trust her husband in this lifetime. A story needing resolution. She also realized she did not marry out of love in this life as well.







Love of Self

 I believe we come here to learn many lessons but ONE main lesson.

That will show up a lot during our lifetime and in many different ways. If we come into life choosing emotionally unavailable parents we may continue to do so in most of our succeeding relationships. If this is the case THE lesson that is presented to us is usually one of self -love. We are suppose to learn that when love is not available out there we are to turn inside to start the process of self –love. Most of us instead keep looking for it out there. It won’t be there until we can love ourselves first. Energy attracts like energy.

 What does self- love look like? Yes, massages, meditations, exercise, more sleep, good food, but is that all? It needs to incorporate respecting ourselves enough to ask for what we really want, not accepting what we don’t want and speaking up for ourselves to show how worthy we are. It’s telling friends, family or strangers that they can’t talk to us without respect, or treat us  less than what we deserve. YOU are special and you must believe that. If you don’t believe you are than no one else will either.

 Many times we think we feel special or love ourselves but many times we carry energetic blocks from other lifetimes that remember guilt, shame, or other emotions that had caused us to feel unworthy. We consciously don’t remember those times but our cellular memory does. Until we release these feelings of unworthiness we will not be in self-love.

 I will share a story with you that turned around a young woman’s life when she finally let go of her feelings or emotional blockage of unworthiness.



 Sandy came to see me since she was tired of everyone taking advantage of her and that she would allow them to do so. She would get so angry at herself that she would not say no more often. She said she never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings and always wanted everyone to like her.

 “I hurt myself to avoid hurting others.”


Let us go back to the root of your feelings of unworthiness.

I regressed Sandy back to a lifetime in 1941. She saw herself as a young woman sitting by a pond with her husband, happy and in love. She described that the pond was on their apple tree farm in Rhode Island. Sandy recognized the husband as her son in this life.

Sandy went into the house to cook dinner for her husband and herself. While she was frying their dinner, Sandy went to the bathroom and returned to a smoke-filled kitchen. The curtains had caught on fire, filling the whole house with smoke. Sandy passed out, only to awaken in the hospital. She had survived, but her husband had died in the fire.

Sandy cried at the thought that she had killed her husband and said,” Look what I ‘ve done to him” and “We never even had children.” Sandy’s husband comes into this life as her child. In her past life, Sandy tried to start a new life out in California, seeking to get over her tragic accident. She met another man who was very social and married him only to find out that he had cheated on her and was never home.

Still filled with self-blame about her first husband, she finally broke out of reality. Feeling depressed and remorseful, she walked down to and into the Pacific Ocean to end her pain.



Last Thoughts:

Where are all of my support systems?

Connection and Awareness:

Sandy was very sad that she had killed her first husband in her past life, who is now her son in this life. She felt it made so much sense since she was always trying to please him and dote on him. Sandy was still carrying her guilt from the accident and feeling that she did not deserve to have joy in this life.

Always trying to please everyone else was a way of trying to win back love that she did not get from the second husband. It also helped Sandy understand why she has had trust issues in this life with her present husband. Sandy’s cellular memory was still holding that her last husband cheated on her. When we feel that we do not deserve to have joy in this life, we put that energy out there and manifest things and people in our life that will fulfill that prophesy.

Sandy has been looking for those support systems here, but, instead, she attracts those who want her support. After the regression, Sandy understands the reason she has been trying to please everyone, especially her son. After releasing the energy of the guilt, she no longer feels the need to please.

Sandy now has a very healthy relationship with her son and with her family, speaking up and asking for their support when she needs it. A new respect for her has developed within her family.


Edgar Casey’s thoughts on illness coming from our past lives

Edgar Casey was known as the “Sleeping Prophet”. He was one of the most influential medical intuitives during the 20th century. He diagnosed, treated and healed many using natural herbs, nutrition, visualization, soul information and empowerment to help patients heal themselves with his guidance. He was truly a man and healer ahead of his time.

The following is an excerpt on his thoughts about our illnesses coming from past life times as well as our present.

“The mind is a focus of other healing principles. The unconscious mind plays a role in many illnesses and diseases. One example of this is the karmic factor in health problems. Memories from previous incarnations, stored in the soul mind, can trigger problems in the body. Of course, we shouldn’t go so far as to suppose that every health challenge has past-life roots; nevertheless, the perspective of reincarnation can help us understand what we could possibly be dealing with as we seek healing.

The familiar Cayce axiom, ―Mind is the builder,‖ leads us to wonder exactly which attitudes and emotions best foster healing. The readings emphasize several:

  §  Self-acceptance. As we rid ourselves of self-condemnation, we make room for healing forces to enter.

  §  Optimism and hope. We’re encouraged to expect healing.

  §  Patience. It’s much easier and quicker to destroy health than it is to rebuild it. 
We need to be willing to patiently invest whatever time is required. 
Alongside these specific attitudes and emotions, we’re invited to use the creative potential of visualization to stimulate our own healing. The mind’s image- making capacity can be directed in such a way that we ―see‖ the healing transformation taking place. This is not something that’s accomplished in a single visualization session. Like all the Cayce health-promoting approaches, it requires persistence and works best in conjunction with other healing methods. 
Perhaps the most important principle of the mind’s relationship to healing concerns purposefulness. A person can experience temporarily an outer healing – that is, in the physical body only – yet still be spiritually sick. What cures the soul? A commitment to a purposeful life. Not just any purpose, but instead one that reflects care for other people. 
On occasion a reading from Cayce would pose this question to the person who was ill: What would you do with your life if you were healed? 
What would the body be healed for? That it might gratify its own physical appetites? That it might add to its own selfishness? Then (if so) it had better remain as it is. . . But first the change of heart, the change of mind, the change of purpose, the change of intent. 3124-2 
The position of Cayce’s psychic source was simply this: Why correct the physical condition unless there’s also going to be an inner correction? People who are looking for both inner and outer healing are the best candidates for restored health and vitality. In Cayce’s philosophy, healing should equip us to be more useful to others. 
With this ideal of service in mind, we might also wonder just how we can be channels of healing to others. What principles govern our efforts to be healers to those for whom we have concern? One principle is based on the spiritual connections that exist between all people. It states that as we bring the experience of oneness into our own consciousness, it can profoundly help someone else experience oneness, attunement, and healing. Cayce’s way of putting it was, ―…raising the Christ Consciousness in self to such an extent as it may flow out of self to him thou would direct it to.‖ (281-7) 
For this to be most effective, the recipient must desire such help and have requested healing prayer. Of course, we can always pray for someone, even if that 
Edgar Cayce Readings copyright 1971, 1993-2011 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation



individual hasn’t asked us. But it’s important that we not assume we know what’s needed in any person’s life. For one who hasn’t specifically asked for prayer, we can simply offer prayers of protection and blessing, rather than try to direct healing energies to that person or for a specific condition.

It is also important to remember that each reading was given for an individual. It must be emphasized that no suggested treatments for any particular ailments should be ―lifted‖ from any individual reading and tried by another individual except under the supervision of and with the cooperation of a physician or licensed health care professional. However, there were many suggestions that were given over and over, and these can be studied to find how they apply to ourselves. These healing principles can be grouped in four categories that referred to as CARE.

Circulation – moving the blood around the body through therapies such as massage or spinal manipulation

Assimilation – encouraging the body to pull the proper nutrients from the food by eating the proper foods and in the proper combinations

Relaxation – taking time to rest and let the body recuperate and counterbalance the daily activities

Elimination – removing the waste products from the body through therapies such as sweats, colonics, and fume baths

For more information about CARE and recommendations on the lifestyle described in the readings, please see Dr. Harold J. Reilly‘s Handbook for Health. There are also many verbatim collections of the readings in other Circulating Files, Research Bulletins, and Treatment Plans for individual diseases which may be purchased through Customer Service at 800-333-4499.

The A.R.E. is interested in having all the material in the health readings reviewed by physicians and health care professionals who also provide summaries of their findings in the hope that the information may prove beneficial to others. When time and finances permit it is planned to have all the information in the health readings read by one or more physicians and the subject matter summarized. Please send any feedback to
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To obtain health items mentioned in the readings, contact our official worldwide distributor, Baar Products at 800-269-2502 or

We do not advocate a do-it-yourself process. Please seek out the advice of a health professional before implementing any recommendation.

In summary, the Cayce readings remind us that our natural state is wholeness and health. An innate wisdom within ourselves knows what’s needed for healing. We should expect to get well, and we should be willing to do our part to make it possible. ―Those that expect little of the Lord receive little; those that expect much receive much – if they live it!‖ 1424-1″