I have always loved traveling and experiencing other people’s cultures and environments. I would allow myself to transform into the energy of the places becoming them and pretending to live in those places. I would come home and continue to think about them reliving the memories and going on with my life here, in my culture and in my home. They would become a distant memory, as time would continue in the world I knew.

After my last trip to Italy I loved the energy of the people, the culture, the food and the beauty around me. It was easy getting swallowed up by the sounds, the smells, the sun, and the warm Mediterranean. I loved the slow pace. I had just come from a busy week of work and a pace that I hardly could keep up with. No wonder it was so easy sliding into this wonderful world so different then mine.

I sat on the beach thinking about how I loved Italy. It was another world away, no problems, no rushing, and no stress. I felt like I had crossed into another dimension. As I started thinking about it I realized I did. It was someone else’s reality, not mine. I enjoyed being there and pretending it was mine. Only their reality included their problems, their stresses, their cultural habits, like work hours. They would work until noon and break for a 2 hour lunch. Some would come back at 2 but then some would come back at 4. Then they would work for another couple of hours and go home to be with their families. Some would take their ritual coffee at the local coffee bar on the way to work or on the way home. Some would sit in the piazza and talk with their friends or strangers. There was always time for socialization. This was their life. This was not my life or my reality but it was theirs. I stepped into their dimension borrowing their reality. This reality was only 7 hours away from my reality. Yet it was completely different. It was like a different dimension.

When I thought about being in China, Morocco, France, India I wondered what dimensions I crossed to be in those places with such different cultures that I also borrowed while there. It amazed me how easy it was to cross dimensions and live so differently when it was only an illusion for me but those cultures realities. My reality was only when I crossed back into the USA and went home.

It started me thinking about the work I do; how we step back into the past lives we had in different cultures, in different realities, that feel like an illusion here. In this life we have a different reality. I also realized there is not one person that shares the same reality since we have all come from different past lives that effects us today, different families, different journeys, and in different places. So we each have our own, very own, reality. Because of that what is one person’s reality is another person’s illusion.

When we step into another country or culture or even in our own country, there are different energies that affect us, that may feel really good or not so good. Regardless, they are not our realities but we borrow them to try to feel part of it for a time. Others do the same when they come to our country or city, or village. They borrow our realities to try it on to see if they like it or to just experience it. It is our reality but it will be their illusion.

I remember having a client many years ago who was Japanese. She came to see me to see why she never felt comfortable in her homeland of Japan. She had come to the states and married a Mexican man. I thought how interesting it was the mix of such different cultures. I regressed her back to a time in Japan to see why she never felt comfortable there. She saw herself as a Samurai. He was very loyal to the Emperor and was not allowed to express or feel emotion. He needed to be very stoic and strong in his role. He made a very good Samurai but after many years got tired of not being able to express his emotions. He then created a false insanity so they would think it was a mental illness, not being disloyal to the Emperor or just a desire. It would save face that way. They ended up placing him in a hospital setting where he would walk around laughing, crying, screaming, and finally letting out all the emotions he felt.

When I tried bringing her back, she said she did not want to come back since the earth was too angry, to fearful. She wanted to go to a more loving planet one she remembered being on before she ever came to earth.

I tried to explain in desperation, since she was firm about not coming back, that she did choose this planet and to think about all of the wonderful things this planet offered. I told her to think about the beauty of a sunset, the dew on the morning flowers, the miracle of babies and life. She cried and through her tears she said, “that is all an illusion!” I gently brought her back and we talked for a while, helping her to reground and feel better about being here.

I thought about what she said, “It’s all an illusion!” I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I tried to meditate later to understand what did she mean? Was it that the beauty of a sunset was an illusion? That beauty was an illusion? Was it life was an illusion?

I had too much mental chatter to quiet my mind to meditate, so decided to go for a swim instead. It was a beautiful warm summer day so at least for me the water would soothe my soul.

As I floated in the pool alone, I stared up at the clouds and a beautiful Asian looking man with a long white beard and mustache appeared in my minds eye. I asked who are you? He said I am your spirit guide Chen. I said I was glad he came for I had a question for him. What did my client mean when she said “It’s all an illusion?” Did she mean that the beauty of a sunset was and illusion? He said, yes. I said did she mean the beauty in life was an illusion? He said, yes. I said did she mean that life was an illusion? He said yes, “To you, you see the beauty of the sunset, the dew on the flowers and the miracle of life. So for you it is real. For your client she cannot see the beauty of the sunset, the dew on the flower or the miracles you speak of through her tears. So for you it is a reality and for her it is an illusion.”

It was then that I realized we are all an illusion to one another since we each have our own realities. Not only is one countries reality another countries illusion, but also what one person’s reality is another’s illusion. We borrow each other’s reality to try it out to see if it feels good or not. If it does we may become friends or go back to the place we like. The good thing or maybe bad thing is that we always have to go back to our own reality.

I thought after all of this, no wonder there are constant judgments made to people and places, governments, parties in governments, and cultures. If we all just realized that no ONE shares our own reality so they can’t see what we do through our eyes.

We are only their illusion. Therefore, we need patience and understanding that they are not we and maybe disappoint us for they will not do or act as we do. Instead let’s borrow each other’s realities, embrace the differences, grow from them but we can always and will always go back to our own. Can we do this without judgment?




A Broken Heart?

 I pride myself on having the capacity to hold a lot and not come unraveled by it. I have been a therapist for 30 years and hear heartbreaking stories from my clients daily.

I listen but at a distance so that I won’t take on their emotions because I am an empath. I sit in compassion and listen offering whatever information downloads into my psyche that my client may need to hear.

 I see myself as strong, competent, calm, and positive. I don’t ruminate over things that happen especially those I cannot control.

 My clients have asked me over the years, “How do I know if I am holding onto negative energy?” I answer that if you think about something more than twice you are probably still holding it. I then teach them how to release the negative energy using visualization and breath work. I used these methods for many years but got tired or lazy and they became less frequent. I felt I wasn’t holding any since I learned how to let things go and not think about them more than once. Or did I?

 Three weeks ago I was visiting my children and grandson in sunny California, which rained most of time we were there. I had been eyeing a lovely new age book store in Venice Beach for the last few times I had visited. It had a beautiful meditation room in the back of the store with the most amazing crystals three feet by four feet, surrounding the room. I felt such a wonderful, peaceful energy. I knew I would love having a group regression there one day. I asked the event planner and we negotiated the day before I would leave back to NY. It also happened to be a full moon evening. I hadn’t thought it would happen so quickly so I had to start advertising it right away.

 The evening arrived and I knew about seven people were coming that I knew of and weren’t sure how many walk-ins there would be. The room was set up nicely, but I had forgotten that the temperatures go down at night and it was freezing! They put a lamp warmer on for us but still it was quite cold. The attendees all had blankets and seemed toasty. I however, stood shivering even with my jacket on, as I took everyone back under hypnosis to an empowered past lifetime. After the first fifteen minutes my back started to hurt. I thought, “wow! These crystals are really powerful!” I moved away from them and felt it come and go and then my chest started to hurt. I had pneumonia two weeks earlier so thought it was that, especially since it was so cold in the room. I sat with our group after the regression to discuss their profound and detailed regressions, feeling very uncomfortable.  After we all left for the evening I went back to my daughter-in-laws home where my husband was waiting for me. Still feeling uncomfortable, still thinking it must be the crystals, I saged myself to release any negative energy I might have picked up. Nope! It didn’t help either. We said our good-byes since we were going back to NY the next day and needed to go back to the hotel to pack. On the way back I started to feel tightness in the chest, besides the pain there and in my back. I didn’t want to tell my husband but knew I better check it out before we would fly. We went to the Urgent Care facility near our hotel. They heard my symptoms and immediately sent me to the hospital’s Emergency Room. I made my husband take me to the one our grandson was born in since it seemed so lovely and quiet.

 They took an EKG right away and it was insignificant. We waited then for seven hours to finally see a doctor there. Blood work was fine, and blood pressure was fine. The attending doctor said the signs are classic heart issues but all of the tests were negative. She said they would keep me for a day to observe me so to cancel any flight home for that day.

 One hour later the doctors shift ended and the test were repeated. This time the enzymes were elevated and the EKG abnormal. The new doctor came flying in panicked and said, “ You are having a heart attack! Your enzymes are high! I have to call in a Cardiologist and you will have to have an angiogram!” Well, if I weren’t having a heart attack before with his bedside manor and scare I would surely have one then!

 The Cardiologist came in and said we would have to do an angiogram and might have to put in stents or a balloon depending on what we would find. The scenario kept getting worse! Terrified we did the test to find my vessels and arteries were all clean! Wow! I was so happy to hear it!

 Then what happened to me? He said based on some other tests it was a condition called Broken Heart Syndrome. What could that be? He asked a series of questions that surprised me. First, did someone close to me die? No, I answered. Did my husband abuse me? As I gasped, I said NO! He then asked was I under any stress?

My first response was no, since I was on vacation. I then thought about the last several months were my in laws were quite ill, we had our home on the market and not sure were we wanted to move to, and several other stressful situations. The doctor said what were you doing when this happened. I told him about the workshop. I wasn’t stressed about performing but about staying warm, taking care of those who were under my care at the workshop, and in a new venue. He said this was strictly stressed related and will heal. He gave me medications to restore the natural flow and shape of the heart. I asked if I should be on a special diet but he said no. This had nothing to do with food or exercise, strictly stress.

 The doctor had me stay a few days until the pains went away and made me rest for a week before going home.

 I sat and thought about what had happened and still surprised since I had no idea that I felt any stress. It was a real lesson to see that even the strongest of us, who don’t feel or think we are stressed can still have our bodies respond in a dramatic way. I realized it was time to go back to doing meditations more regularly and visualizations. I also realized that this time in history is a very stressful time for everyone. I also realized that I see CNN every evening before bed. That now has to stop. RELEASE, RELEASE, RELEASE!!




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 I sat in shock like everyone else who had different expectations at the outcome of the election. How could of this happened? I just prayed to the Universe asking that the outcome be for our highest good and this is what came in? This is for our highest good?

I first got angry as many of you. Then I went into deep grief that was palpable. Then I got confused. When my emotions started to quiet down, after seeing we were still here, the earth did not fall apart I was able to sit quietly and just think.

I truly believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Why didn’t the Universe stop this man from getting in? I thought about what he represented to me. INTOLERENCE on so many levels.

It took me back to the memory of having 10 clients who were Holocaust returnees. They had gone back to the lifetime in concentration camps, remembering the horrific crimes committed against them. At the end of each session, independent lifetimes during the Holocaust, I asked each one why they chose to go into that life. It is my belief from doing this work for 30 years that we life script before we come here while we are in spirit, deciding what we need to do to learn a lesson, clear karma, and/or to teach a lesson. Each client replied the same; “ I went into that life to teach HUMANITY the lesson of TOLERANCE!” So very sad we never learned it.

I finally got it! The Universe decided to bring this lesson back again so we will all have to look at it and try to heal it this time. The whole world once again is in a crisis in order to learn that we need to respect each others differences, learn from the differences, release our arrogance to assume each one of our views is the right one only, to give compassion to those who have a more difficult life than we, and not judge them as being less than we but what can I do to help them. Those who chose such challenging lives are our greatest teachers and bravest souls. When you turn us all inside out we all look the same. We are all the same. I have learned from my work that we have all been the abuser and we have all been the victims. We have been different cultures, races, religions, and different genders. It is all for our learning and evolving. If we hate someone or culture in this life we may be that culture in the next life to walk in those shoes. How else would we learn what it truly feels like to be that person or culture than to live it?

There is plenty on this earth for all of us. Plenty of love if we are willing to be open to it.

When will we be ready to embrace each other’s differences, accept our natural freedoms to be our authentic selves, and allow peace into our lives and hearts? This is the time! It is time for us to finally heal all of these intolerances by taking hands, with one action at a time, in using our voices, freedoms, love and compassion. We don’t have a choice about healing this issue anymore. It is up in our faces right now by the Universe so we can finally address and heal it.


Another Child’s past life memory confirmed

Her Son Keeps Waking Up Screaming At Night, Then Tells Mom He ‘Used To Be Somebody Else’

barbara_diamond BARBARA DIAMOND

Ryan Hammons may look like a typical little boy from the Midwest, but deep down he has a “secret identity” of sorts. At the age of five, Ryan kept waking up at night screaming and crying. His concerned mother, Cyndi, had no idea what was causing her son’s bizarre behavior.

One night, Ryan finally confided in Cyndi. “Mom, I have to tell you something,” he said. “I used to be somebody else.”

Ryan proceeded to tell his mom that he believed he was the reincarnation of a man who died more than 50 years ago. Cyndi instantly felt chills down her spine. There was something so unsettling about Ryan’s confession; she was scared. Reincarnation was something she wasn’t comfortable with or even believed in. So, Cyndi kept Ryan’s claims a secret from her friends and family… even from her husband.

Ryan explained details of his supposed past life, like how he had two sisters, was married five times and loved to drink Tru-Ade, a brand of orange soda that had been discontinued decades before Ryan was even born. Cyndi still kept everything a secret.

Then one day, the pair flipped through a book about the Golden Age of Hollywood and turned to page featuring a black-and-white still from a Mae West film. Ryan immediately pointed to an unnamed man in the picture and said that that was the man he claimed to be.

The man in the photo was identified as Marty Martyn, a movie extra who went on to become a successful Hollywood agent.

Researchers confirmed details about Marty Martyn that matched Ryan’s story. Martyn did indeed have two sisters, was married five times and had a favorite beverage: Tru-Ade.

Watch the video below to find out what happened next.

Do you believe in reincarnation? Let us know, and please SHARE this fascinating story with your friends on Facebook!


I couldn’t link the video but it is worth seeing.





Mangled Legs – Why do some people come into this life with a handicap?


Many years ago I had a client, we will call Paul that had Cerebral Palsy. He was such a sweet young man who was a very old soul. He was very spiritual and instead of becoming a victim to his handicap he was strong, wise, and independent.


He gave me his history from his birth to the present time. His father was a doctor. When Paul was born and his father found out he had a handicap child, he became angry and abusive. He hated the idea that his son was less than perfect in his eyes. His father would drink excessively and then beat Paul. His mother felt helpless and instead of stepping in to save him she would drink heavily too and escape into her own world.


Somehow Paul grew up as a loving, friendly child, always trying to help others, even though his abuse was constant.


At 21years old Paul moved out of his home and rented a room from a loving, kind, woman. They bonded right away as if they knew each other before. He had become the son she never had. She would cook for him, help him tie his shoes or anything he might have had difficulty with. He was amazed that someone could care for him so generously and was grateful every day that she came into his life.


Paul asked if we could do a regression to see why he came into this life with his CP. I said of course and admired that he was so interested in why this had to happen to him. As I have mentioned in other blogs, we life script before we come here, our life story and the traumas alike. I also wondered why he chose this handicap . I was excited to hear his story since I learn so much from each client’s story. It could shed light for others who may have the same disability or the same lesson.


The day we were going to do the regression he asked if the woman he now lived with could sit in to hear his story. I had no problem with her joining us. I had noticed that she had a bad case of psoriasis. I also wondered why she came here with that malady, only that day we were there to understand Paul’s CP.


As I started the regression Paul went under very easily. He started describing living in a log cabin in the 1700s. His mother was with him and they had a very loving relationship. When I asked whom his mother was in his present life he cried and said it was the woman he was presently living with. The tears were soul recognition and joy to be with her again. He said his father would come home in drunken rages and hit both he and his mother. They would always try to protect each other. After the rages were over the father would then just fall off to sleep.

One night the father came home in one of his rages, and hits the mother who fell and hit her head on the corner of the fireplace. The fire was lit and the mother’s dress caught on fire. She was unconscious. The little eight year old jumped on his father trying to hit him for what he had done to his mother. The father threw him onto the floor and stomped on Paul’s legs breaking them so he could not move. The father left the two. Due to Paul’s legs being broken and mangled he could not leave or help his mother out of the burning fire. The dress spread the fire and both Paul and his mother burned and died in the fire.


I gently brought Paul around who was feeling such anger and sadness from the regression. I helped him release those emotions, which he felt in the regression as well. I could see the woman wiping her eyes from having to witness the horrific life they both shared.


We all discussed the events and the karmic replay with his father and the woman he was now living with. Paul came into this life with the broken legs his father caused in that last life from an angry, drunken rage. Only the father never learned his lessons, only to perpetuated them again in this life. This time Paul could clear his karma with his father by walking away from him not allowing him to ever hurt him again. Perhaps Paul’s father had guilt coming from his cellular memories of that lifetime causing him to drink away those feelings and transferring his self anger onto Paul.


Two interesting phenomena’s happened. Paul still had CP but his gait had gotten much better. He now has understanding of why he chose his father again and handicap.He needed to clear his karma with his father and now he is the victor.

The woman who had a bad case of Psoriasis watched it get better as well. We were able to see why she came into this life with that skin issue. When we die in a fire many times we carry over skin issues in this life from those burns. The emotional components are released so the body can finally heal.


Ultimately, we need to forgive our abusers since we all have been both the abuser and the abused. It doesn’t mean we condone the act of the abuser, it just means we need to release the abuser from having to play that role for us any longer and we release ourselves from having to play the victim any longer.


Paul continued to have a wonderful relationship with that woman and both understood why they felt so connected when they met.


Is it a coincidence that they ended up together? I think not.



The Other Story…



When we hear that a child has cancer or a newly wed got into a car accident and died, we react in horror, sadness, blame, and confusion.

We never really hear the other story.


I have been practicing Past Life Regression Therapy for the last 29 years and have had numerous psychic readings or channellings. I have learned so much from both and would like to share some of which can help you understand, the other story.


Our close friends, who live in Italy, and who are like family to us, had a child 22 years ago that was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at 6 months old. We were all devastated to say the least. The father became so angry and pointed his finger to God and asked how could you do this to a small baby!! The mother was in fear of how to make the baby’s life comfortable until he died and what would happen to him after he died? Who would take care of him?

When we first went out to visit them after the diagnosis, we saw how loving and wonderful they were to him, his sisters and parents always around him rubbing his feet, talking with him, and sending him love whenever they were near him. I told my husband that I didn’t think this baby would make it past that week.


The following year we went to visit them again. This baby was still alive. He had become blind and his head had become hydrocephalic, so that he could not even sit up. Still, the family continued to love him and comfort him all day. One could feel the sadness they all held but never waivered in their love and care. Once again, I told my husband that the baby would not make it past that week.


After 6 years this beautiful boy died. We came every year watching their care, love, sadness and anger build. No matter how you know and prepare for such tragedy you can never really be prepared. The darkness entered the home filled with heavy hearts. His mom wondering still what has happened to him and who now would take care of him.


I offered to do a regression the next time I would come with his mom to see why they had to go through that with him. What was the karma?

I wanted to do something right away to help so offered to contact a medium who I heard was great at making touch with those who passed over and get any messages she would have from their son. They were a bit skeptical and understandably so. Could he or would he be found and what could he say. His mom was still hopeful and agreed.


I contacted the medium and asked her if she could make touch with our good friends son and I gave her his name only. She started to laugh. I asked her what was so funny, a bit upset that she could find something funny about the death of this child. She said, “He is speaking Italian to me and I don’t understand Italian! Was he from Italy or Italian? I was blown away immediately. Yes! I answered and asked what did he say? She said

“Bella Laminate”, that he wanted his family to live life likes a beautiful light! That he wanted to thank his sister for rubbing his feet, that contact was so important to him. To thank his mom for talking to him and leaving the window open so he could hear the children play. He said to please tell them, not to be sad for him. That he chose to come into this world for just a short time. He needed to be able to come in with love from the family and be released with love from them, for just this short period, so he could evolve to the next plane. He said he was so grateful for them fulfilling that act for him for now he has evolved and is so happy! He wanted them to know that he was more than fine and whole with no more tumor. He loved where he was and felt so lucky he chose them for that short time.


The mom was so relieved to hear his words from the channelling, since all he mentioned was true about his sisters rubbing his feet, the window that was left open, the conversations and constant love. She was so happy to hear he was fine and whole, not suffering and that they could help him achieve his growth on the other side. No longer did she blame God, feel hopeless, helpless, and sad. Now she understood, the other story, of why her son came into this life for just a short visit.


We make judgments about things we experience and hear without ever really knowing the other story. The story of why we came here and why we had to go through what we have. I do believe we life script before we come here, choosing sometimes-difficult traumas, illnesses, relationships, and situations for certain reasons. Most of the time it is to teach us certain lessons. We need to learn many but one dominant one usually follows us around in life until we learn it. We would never choose these things in our physical and emotional bodies, but do so on the other side where we can objectively choose what we need to grow spiritually. In this case this child scripted to come for just a short while to learn how to enter this world and leave it in love.


When we go through things in our life that make no sense and seem so devastating, stop and think, what is the other story. We have this reality story, but what is the spiritual story and why?





Treating Schizophrenia using Past Life Regression Therapy




 In my practice of 29 years, I have made it a rule not to treat clients who have schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder. Four years ago a lovely Japanese family asked if I could help their son who was only 30 years old diagnosed with schizophrenia.

I tried sending them to a psychiatrist I knew who actually treats this population and has seen a link between this diagnosis and past lives. However, she was in another state and charged an enormous amount of money.

The boy’s parents pleaded with me since they had tried all of the traditional routes and was confident this modality could help. I finally agreed if their psychiatrist consented and felt this work wouldn’t harm him in any way.

I explained how past life therapy works in that I take my clients under hypnosis to the root of their problem, his being his schizophrenia, and the subconscious will take us to what caused it. I would then release the energetic blocks that he would hold from past traumas or emotions. I would do this with breath work or visualization. Normally, the energy would dissipate and the condition or issues would disappear. I explained that I had never used my work with someone having schizophrenia unsure how they would react to what they would experience. I wasn’t sure it would work at all but willing to try it, since this was their last hope.

I will call my client Joe, to protect his identity.

Joe and both parents came to my office nervous and hopeful. They were very respectful to their son and myself. They sat quietly on the couch in my office while Joe sat in my hypnosis chair, a reclining chair.

When I asked Joe for information about his condition, he mentioned he was hearing voices in his head of first his sister who kept talking about how he wasn’t a success. This would happen when he would try to sleep at night mostly. In the history intake he told me he had this reoccurring dream and was always nervous, stressed and uncomfortable in school. He seemed fearful of his friends and his sister. So for our first session I had him go back to the root of hearing the voices he heard every night that gave him his nightmares. Joe went back to very old times in China, he wasn’t aware of the dates back then. He was a soldier and had to learn martial arts. He was never sure of what he was doing when he had to fight. He found himself alone most of that life until he was in his 40s. He finally found himself a wife. The wife was his sister in this life. His choice was not a fruitful one since she was an angry woman who would blame him for everything. Nothing he could do would ever be right.

His wife left him when he was 50years old. After a big earthquake, in his loneliness, he started to help his neighbors with rebuilding houses, and anything he could that would help them. They all grew to love and respect him, which made him feel less lonely. He could always hear his ex-wife’s anger and blame in his head instead of the good compliments from his neighbors.

In his 60s he was dying of old age. His last thoughts, which can be carried into this life in a drama, part of one, or a physical ailment, was that he wished he could have proven how successful he was with his building talents to his wife.

His neighbors all thought so and if only she could.

Joe left that life caring his sorrow and regrets from that life that he had from his wife, which again is his sister in this life.

We released his sorrow and regrets and embraced the joy from his neighbors. I explained to Joe that was where his dreams of his sister had been coming from, thinking he was unsuccessful in this life. That she really didn’t feel that way here.

At our next session Joe no longer heard his sisters voice telling him that he was not successful here. Joe also seemed much calmer.

Joe has had 60 past life regressions with me over the course of 4 years and each one peeling always-another layer of his fears. More than half have been as a warrior who was either killed on the battlefield, stabbed in his home, or poisoned to death. His deep paranoia of someone trying to kill him was real lifetimes ago. His fragile psyche has had those lifetimes bleed through from his cellular memory causing him to believe it will happen again in this life. His fears have gotten less and less, the paranoia has also gotten less, and he is trying to live in this life the best he can while he still had a foot rooted to his past lives. We are now exploring not his issues but his most joy filled, loving, peaceful lifetimes, to erase the negative effects from the past, placing only positive ones into his future.

We have come a long way in healing. But this work has been significant in helping to put understanding around why this has happened in this life.

This work is worth exploring with this population. We are learning so much about how the mind works and the importance our DNA plays in presenting our memories.

I am grateful for Joe and his family for being such good teachers to me, expanding my work even further so that I can help more clients that have this disability in the future.



This time of year always seems so hard for so many.

What is it? Is it the darkness of the setting sun so early? The leafless trees? The busy schedules we keep from working hard, trying to run a family, and not having self -time? Is it the energy in the air around politics, terrorism, small mom and pop stores going out to make room for the big monster stores to take their place? Is it changes in our lives due to relationship issues, career disenchantment, weather changes, needing to downsize due to taxes? Can it be all of the above?

The answer is yes. It can be any one of these issues or all of the above. Then how are we expected to function and balance our life to flow with grace and ease? How can we keep a smile on our face and feel optimistic about life? How do we not go to despair or depression and hopelessness?

We always depend on the external parts of our life to make us feel good or whole. We go through the “If only the sun were out… or If only I had a soul mate…or If only there was peace in this world…” Then we would feel better. Does that really happen? Do we feel better if what we don’t have were in place? Sometimes but most of the time we don’t feel better.


I am a Past Life Regression Therapist who has seen over 5000 clients in my 27 year career. My belief is that we life script before we come here so we can learn lessons, clear and complete karma with our soul groups and to fulfill a life purpose. There is one lesson that we are here to learn, you know, the one that keeps following you around as a pattern. The one that made you choose your emotionally unavailable parents, siblings or partners. The one that makes you feel no faith in yourself. The one that makes you feel your body is not perfect or your hair is ugly or you came into a horrible world. We will choose these things, my clients have told me to learn how to look for the love within ourselves instead of out there. If we learn to love our selves than we will attract that energy to us. Energy attracts like energy. I try to help my clients see their beauty inside and out, to find their joys or passions. To love their whole self.

When we don’t feel loved by our parents than we will usually keep looking out there for someone else to love us feeling unworthy of love. Somehow we believe our parents, that we are unlovable instead of questioning is it they who just didn’t have good role models to show them how to be a loving parent? Why are we so willing to believe we are the bad ones, the unlovable ones, the unworthy ones?

What does self-love even look like? Is it doing yoga, eating healthy, and exercising? Yes, those are ways to start loving yourself but it goes deeper. Do you demand respect for yourself? Due you ask for what you want or need? Do you speak up for yourself and speak your truth? Do you stand in your truth and not back down? Do you see a job, the season, the world as being inherently good and exactly as it should be. Do you feel the world owes you or that you can create the kind of world you want? You can.


When the days are darker find a beautiful lit spot to go to and listen to beautiful music. If the leaves are off the trees paint a picture of spring and rebirth. If politics are depressing put on a comedy instead of listening to the news. If you feel unloved go to a pet store where the animals will be unconditionally loving. Also, make a list of all of your good qualities and all of your weaker qualities and see how much stronger the good qualities are and love the poor little girl or boy who has some weaknesses because he or she is human. Love that child since it is always easier to love a child. Know we all come here to work on something or we don’t need to be here. Even the Dali Lama has come to work on something. None of us are perfect yet we are perfect in the way we came in, since we decided to do so to work on something important for us to learn.

Then see your beauty inside and out; see how unconditionally loving you are; see how strong and brave you are; see how wise, how compassionate, how creative, and  all of the qualities that you have. We forget who we are because of our past lives, and our present, the people in them, and the words that wounded . Now is the time to remember who we are since we are the perfect children of God. We have come into this world to love and be loved, and to step into our light and spread it to all those around us.

It is time to have faith in yourself and the Universe to create the world you want to live in. A time to step out of fear, sadness, and hatred, so we can create from a loving place and manifest the world we want to live in by believing we can achieve this.

Believe in yourself.  LOVE YOURSELF. HAVE FAITH.





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A Past Life Regression Trip to Israel

When one has a vision one has to follow it.

In 1998 I had a group of clients who came to work on various issues and each one within the month went back to being one of the Bible people. The first was a woman who came to see me to work on her betrayal issues in this life. It was a pattern. We went back to the root of her betrayal issues and she saw herself as Simon Peter, feeling a deep sense of quilt since she felt she betrayed Jesus. The next week I had Mary Magdeline and then the following week I had  Mother Mary, and eventually Joseph of Ariththamaya. I knew all of these characters did not reincarnate in my small town of Katonah. However, each ones issues melted away when we released the emotions they carried.

In 2002 I was training some students who were all going back to lifetimes again from the Bible. Simon Peter showed up again, and the other disciples. It was at that time I received my vision of taking a group to Israel and doing regressions to see how we connect to the Jesus lifetime, the Essenes, the Egyptians, and the Romans. This way  we could bring back the wisdom and gifts from those lifetimes. I also saw a book in my minds eye with the title reading, The Bible-Through the eyes of regression.

I knew back then that the time was not right yet. I know with certainty that the time is right now. We need those gifts and knowledge now more than ever to help our world. We need to open our hearts and bring our love, light and healing energy to that region. We need to see we are ONE. We have been our greatest enemy in our past so must forgive them and learn to love them.

This is not a religious journey. It is a spiritual and mystical journey. We will try to video our findings and possibly make the video into a documentary with your permission.

If you feel drawn to these lifetimes and if this trip calls to you than you too must follow your guidance.

Past Lives-

Journeys of the Spirit

 Journey to Israel-“Awaken your heart, Ignite your purpose, Soothe your soul”


Welcome to our Sacred, Spiritual and Mystical Journey to Israel-April 1st-11th, 2016


Have you ever wondered if you lived and were connected to the Christ lifetime, or perhaps the Essenes, or Egyptians? This journey is to experience the places in history that you were connected to, and find out what gifts or wisdom you had that can help our planet today. We go with an open heart in Oneness as emissaries of light and love to this ancient holy land.



2 overnight @ Hotel Dan Panorama Jerusalem (Standard room)

2 overnights @ Kibbutz Ein Gedi (Arugot room)

1 overnight @ Kfar Hanokdim – Bedouin Camp

1 overnight @ Hotel Rimonim in Safed

2 overnights @ Kibbutz Ein Gev (Superior room)

 1 overnight at Tel Don- Hotel to be determined

1 overnight @ Hotel Dan Panorama Tel Aviv (Deluxe room)

TOTAL 10 Overnights


 Per person sharing a double room: USD $ 4,295

Single Supplements: USD 950

Reduction for 3rd person only in triple room USD 390

 Rates include:

Transfer from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv hotel

9 days sightseeing as per program below

10 overnights at the above mentioned hotel

Luxury Minibus AC 19 seats

English speaking Tour guide

Meals arrangement: HB- Full Israeli breakfast and Dinners daily        except for BB in Tel Aviv

Hotel + 5 Lunches on Route

Entrance Fees as per program below

Transfer from Tel Aviv hotel to Ben Gurion airport

Facilitator: Saundra Cindy Blum, MS, CHT, PLRT-International lecturer, author, Reiki practitioner and Past Life Regression Therapist for the last 27 years.

 Guide: To be announced

 Driver: To be announced

 Contact: Saundra Cindy Blum- 914-420-9349 or

 To Register: call 1-866-866-5566 Ext.2 Money orders and checks are also welcome (as long as the check has time to clear before trip departure date) Mail your check to: Journeys of the Spirit, 6245 Vista Verde Dr. W, Gulfport, FL33707

 We have the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum. If we do so the deposit is refunded. Trip insurance is always recommended and we suggest you use Travel Guard Insurance.


 Early Bird special: If pay the $500 deposit before December it will be $150 less than the total price.


The deposit is due by December 1st 2015 of $500 if you don’t pay earlier.


The balance due is March 1st, 2016


What is not included:

 . Spa treatments at the Dead Sea

. Items of a personal nature

 Meals other than mentioned above

 Airport and Border taxes

 Tips to driver, guide, hotel and restaurant staff

. Round trip air flight

Day 1- Fri

Arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport where you will be met by an Amiel Tours representative. You will be provided assistance through luggage claim and customs and escorted to your transfer vehicle.

Settle into the lovely ancient energy of Jerusalem as you unwind and rest before a wonderful evening experience and sacred tradition of a Shabbat Dinner with a local family in one of the neighborhoods of the New City of Jerusalem.

Sleep and dream of the memories from this ancient city of Jerusalem as we are cradled in its energy.

The word Jerusalem in Hebrew means, Yero and Shalem. Shall see wholeness. Jerusalem represents the whole and complete state of inner peace, love and contentment that is the birthright of every human being. To see the “whole” one must be in the heart.

Day 2-Sat

After an early breakfast we will ascend the Mt. of Olives for a panoramic view of Jerusalem: Overlooking the Old and New City. On the Mount see the oldest Jewish Cemetery in the world dating back thousands of years.

“Immediately following Jesus’ ascension, two angels told the disciples on the Mount of Olives that “this same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven” (Acts 1:11). According to the prophet Zechariah, Jesus will return not only in the same way, but also to the same place. In a prophecy related to the end times, Zechariah declares, “On that day his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives will be split in two from east to west, forming a great valley, with half of the mountain moving north and half moving south” (Zechariah 14:4). The very location where David wept in defeat and where Jesus was betrayed and rejected will be the place where Jesus returns in triumph over all His enemies.”

We will then descend via Palm Sunday Way to visit the Garden of Gethsemane. Enter the Garden of Gethsemane, with its ancient olive trees, reminding us of the power nature has over the forces of the dessert.

We’ll then enter the gates of the old city and walk the Via Dolorosa on the same sacred stones that Jesus walked, and end with a visit to the Church of Holy Sepulcher, and tomb of Jesus, cellular remembering that energy. We will also visit the Ethiopian Church to continue in the energy of our Oneness, experiencing all paths. We will walk through the Arab Bazaar and see Middle Eastern life with it rich colors, flavors, and smells. Here we will have a short break for lunch and some shopping.

We’ll then proceed to one of the holiest places in Judaism today, the Western Wall – “Kotel”. Once again in the energy of Oneness.

As we sleep once again in Jerusalem the sounds, smells and colors will flood our senses and remind our cellular memories of our stories.

Day 3 – Sun

After an early breakfast we will have a past life regression to see how we connect to the places and time we visited the day before. The Christ life at the end just before and during his death.

Time for Discussion and a break.

We then begin to descend through the many layers of Jerusalem’s past at the time of the Temple through the Western Wall Tunnels. Inside, a most interesting model shows the different dwelling periods and history of the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Stand on the site believed to be the nearest spot to the “Holy of Holies”. We than have a short lunch.

We depart Jerusalem and drive via the Judean desert to Kasser El Yahud – “the Jews Passage.” This monastery is an important place for the Jewish People, for according to the Jewish tradition, this is the place where the Israelites crossed the Jordan River on their way into the Land of Israel. For Christians this is the traditional site where John Baptized Jesus. Those who would like to get baptized will have a chance.

Day 4 – Monday

We continue to visit Qumran where hidden scrolls found in the caves in 1947 exposed the secret life of the Essenes, a small ultra religious sect, who hid there from the Roman enemy and the burial place of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls. You may feel the energy vortex that surrounds this mystical and highly spiritual place. Again evoking cellular memories of their ancient wisdom and gifts as we continue to open our hearts and experience our essence.

We will visit the beautiful Ein Gedi Reserve. See the waterfalls at this Oasis in the desert, which is mentioned several times in the Book of Psalms, waterfalls, and discuss the biblical stories of King David hiding from King Saul. The combination of Ein Gedi’s abundance of water and tropical climate provides the ability for wonderful exotic plant and animal life to flourish.

Time to meditate by the falls. Time also for a bathing in the Dead Sea, mud and minerals!

Lovely dinner and Past life regression to the time of the Essenes and Jesus and Mary, through Trance Dancing.

Overnight at Kibbutz Ein Gedi

Day 5-Tue

After an early breakfast we will visit the Dead Sea’s legendary mountaintop plateau of Massada and ascend by cable car to the ancient fortress. We will explore the site with its synagogue and bathhouse. Here, was the last stronghold of the Jewish Zealots in their struggle against the Romans.

We will meditate in the site sending love from our open hearts to those who were so courageous. Lunch to follow.

We drive to Kfar Nokdim, in the beauty and silence of the dessert to a Bedouin encampment. Again the diversity of inhabitants invites us to share their culture, which is filled with color and mystique. We will ride the camels that were the major source of transportation in ancient times, and experience Bedouin hospitality and Hafla dinner. Embracing another path to Oneness.

We sleep so deeply as we are surrounded by the silence, under the stars, we embrace all that we are and our Oneness to all that is. Overnight at Kfar Hanokdim.

Day 6-Wed

After an early breakfast we’ll have long drive north and arrive in Haifa and ascend Mt. Carmel for a panoramic view of Haifa Bay and the beautiful Baha’i Gardens with it’s impressive Temples. It is a city where Jews, Muslims, Christian Arabs, Bahai’s, and the Druze live together in peace. A place where the Baha’i believe in One Source for all religions and one with nature. Then we will travel to the ancient crusader port city of Acco, the fascinating UNSCO town with new excavations 1000 years old. Visit the Crusader Halls and to see the underground tunnels and pathways. We will enjoy lunch on the sea as we eat the best Hummus in Israel, and the delights of Israel’s cuisine.

We then head for Safed (Tzfat) the home of the mystical Kabalists. One enters and gets immediately pulled into the mystical realms of creation. It is the gateway to the path of the mystic.

Overnight in Safed

Day 7-Thu

After an early breakfast we’ll visit the Mystical City of Safed (the birthplace of Kabbalah) one of the Four Holy Cities according to tradition with its Kabalistic studies. The spirit of the Kabbalah is a living vibration in Tzfat. We will feel the beauty, power and wisdom as we absorb the energy we receive from its teachings. We will taste the mystery of the One.

We will stroll through the narrow, winding alley’s, visit some of the beautiful synagogues and browse through the artists’ workshops and galleries found in the flourishing artists’ quarter.

Here we’ll stop at the Safed Candle Making store where you can see many how they create candle of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

In Safed we’ll have a special learning session at the Kabbalah Center to learn about Jewish Mysticisms and its role in everyday life.

We head out to the Kibbutz Ein Gev changing the somewhat intense energy of Safed to the most peaceful energy around the Sea of Galilee

Overnight at Kibbutz Ein Gev.

Day 8-Fri

As we awaken from a deep and peaceful sleep we meet for breakfast in the communal dinning area for a sumptuous Israeli Kibbutz breakfast. After breakfast we depart the Kibbutz to visit Capernaum; a 2nd century synagogue that was discovered and which threw light on the life of the community of that era. According to the Christian tradition, Jesus served here as a local rabbi and performed miracles. We will also go to the Chapel of the Primacy of Peter where a wave of peace will fill you from your feet up to your head as you bathe your feet in the Galilee. We will do a past life regression here since the energy is so palpable and the memories so clear. Your connection to Jesus and that lifetime will reveal itself on this very spot.

On to Mount Beatitudes; north of the Sea of Galilee, atop the Beatitudes Mount, lies a beautiful church where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the northern part of Sea of Galilee

and including Tabgha and Capernaum.

  Next we’ll go to Tabgha to the Church of the Multiplication, the traditional site of the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes and the third resurrection appearance of Jesus. Open your heart and manifest. The energy is there for your needs.

We will take a boat ride on the calm waters of the Sea of Galilee in silence to open our hearts embracing the powerful love, peace and healing gifted to us for our own evolution.

Overnight at Kibbutz Eon Get

Day 9-Sat

After breakfast, we will leave the north to visit the beautiful gardens of Tel Don. It was thought to be the “Garden of Eden” by many. It holds a powerful hypnotic energy from the natural beauty.

10,000 Years of History

Biblical Archaeology doesn’t get more exciting than this!

“Tel Dan is one of the most important sites for the archaeological and historical recovery of ancient Israel. The city of Dan represented the northern border of the biblical kingdom of Israel. It was here, 2900 years ago, that King Hazael of Damascus punctuated his invasion of Israelite territory with the erection of the famous House of David inscription, the oldest document to mention the historical King David. It is here that visitors can explore King Jeroboam’s temple, which the Hebrew Bible indicates he established to house the golden calf and challenge the temple in Jerusalem for religious supremacy. It was here that Bronze Age inhabitants constructed the world’s oldest known gated archway more than 1500 years before the Romans supposedly invented the arch. The Hebrew Bible attributes the city’s name to the eponymous Israelite tribe of Dan, but the site was clearly significant for millennia before the ancestral traditions of Israel’s prehistory. There is evidence of settlement dating to the Neolithic and Chalcolithic communities of the sixth to fourth millennia BCE. Massive Early Bronze Age stone fortifications ring a site that would boast even more impressive mud brick structures during the Middle Bronze Age. The Egyptian execration texts and cuneiform tablets from the Mesopotamian city of Mari both attest to Dan’s significance in the early second millennium BCE. Throughout the Iron Age, Israelites, Aramaeans, and Assyrians vied for control of a city whose cultic significance stretched well into the Greco-Roman period. A Greek dedicatory inscription reading “for the god who is in Dan” indicates not only the memory of the city’s religious history, but also confirms beyond doubt the identification of Tell al-Qadi (as the site is known in Arabic) with the biblical city of Dan.’

‘You can meditate in the site by the falls.

Overnight at

Day 10-Sun

After breakfast, we head out refreshed from a good night sleep to visit the Old Port City of Jaffa (Yafo), just south of Tel Aviv for a beautiful panoramic view of Tel Aviv and a sense of the first Jewish City of the modern era, established in 1909.

Jaffa is a place for beginnings, both of many tours of Israel, and in the Bible. Jonah’s journey, Tabitha’s restoration to life, and Peter’s conversion of Gentiles all began here. Thus, Jaffa, Tel Aviv’s “older sister” boasts bountiful biblical history, along with charming lanes, antiquities, quiet churches, galleries and a picturesque fishing port. 
In Jaffa, Peter was divinely led to “think out of the box.” The story in Acts 10:5-23, finds Peter on the rooftop of the House of Simon the Tanner, where he had his famous vision (Acts 10:12-13), that led him to preach the Gospel to the gentiles at Caesarea. Peter’s resurrection of the righteous Tabitha (Acts 9:36-42) is marked at the Russian Orthodox Church of Tabitha. 

Jaffa’s landmark Church of St. Peter is off Kedumim Square, where a visitor’s center shows off the city’s long and fascinating history. At the end of a lane leading through the artists’ colony to Summit Park, an archaeological dig reveals a fortress built by the “Pharaoh of the Exodus,” Ramses II.

Next we’ll enjoy a walking tour of Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv’s new hip neighborhood where the intellectual elite lived during Israel’s early days.

Meditation time on the beach. Last dinner together reflecting on our own ascension of consciousness and the evolution that took place within each one of us and the whole group.

Overnight at Tel Aviv-Hotel Don Panorama.

Day 11- Mon

Departure – After breakfast transfer to Ben Gurion Airport or extended stay in Israel.




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Ales Struna at Journeys of the Spirit- 1-866-866-5566

What to Bring:


Bring layers- Please bring clothing for both warm and cold days and nights. Bring toiletries and a towel, personal medications, hat for the sun, small backpack for the day tours, notebook and pen, sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottle, walking shoes and flip flops, natural bug spray, small umbrella, jacket, bathing suit, and passport.

Frequently asked questions: Go Israel Tourism


 It can be cold in the evenings! There may also be a light rain occasionally. The temperature can be as low as 45F in evening and during the day as high as 75F, depending on the location.

I hope you will be part of a trip that will change your life!