What do we do after we die?

It was one year ago in September, the month I came into this world, that I lost my best friend, my cheerleader, my inspiration, my mentor and the most wonderful mother a child could have.

I used to worry about loosing her to a terrible death when I was a child. I worried she would be taken from me before I could grow up. I had dreams of her being murdered or leaving and never coming back. Thank you God- she lived independently for 97 wonderful years, always staying close to me, if not in distance, than by phone.

People always tried to explain that she was 97 and so I should be lucky to have had her all of those years and not make such a big deal that she passed. Believe me, the longer you have someone you love the harder it is to live without them.

I was blessed to be by her side while she was passing, whispering in her ear that it was ok to go, that we would all be ok. At that moment she gently slid away. I knew it would only be a short time before I could talk with her on the other side. My work and knowledge that we don’t die, that our spirit or energy lives on and loves us from the other side, gave me the consolation I needed to get through the void I would feel.

 A few weeks went by and by the grace of God I was in a workshop with my favorite channeler. He came up to me and said, “ Your mother is here. She wants to thank you for coming to rescue her. Your being there the last few weeks were a great comfort to her. She says that she didn’t have to have a long “Life Review” since she didn’t hurt a lot of people when she was alive. She says, she got to choose either to do something she always wanted to do when she was alive and never got to, or to relive any time on earth that made her feel happy. She chooses to live in a house she lived in when she was in her 30’s with my father, with all of the same furniture! She was so excited and thinks it is so great that she can relive that time again! She also thanks you for the pastrami sandwich you got her the night before she passed.”

After the channeling of my mother, I felt like I just had a phone conversation with her like we usually did when she was alive. I was thrilled to hear about her experience on the other side and that she was happy and with my dad. I was also grateful that she felt comforted by my being with her the last few weeks so she could go peacefully.

She also remarked that she loved her funeral and it was just as she hoped it would be.

In my next conversation with her I will ask her more questions about what she’s doing now. I will also ask questions about the other side, so we can get more information lifting the mystique around where we go and what happens to us when we die.


I look forward one day to reunite with her in between life or in our next life. We have not only shared 97 loving years together but many lifetimes as well. 

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