What Lesson have you scripted for this life?


It is my belief that we design our life before we come to this earth with the help of our guides. We will choose a life that will allow us to learn our main lesson here, complete karma, and resolve our relationships that travel with us over time and space. We usually travel with the same soul group through lifetimes, and even those on the periphery of our life could have been a close relationship in a past life.

Most of us would say that they would never choose the traumas, perhaps the parents, or issues they carry through this life, but we choose on spirit side without an emotional or physical body. We choose what it is we need to learn that will allow us to evolve and expand, which doesn’t always happen unless we are in such discomfort we want to change or change the situation we are in. For instance, if we were abused in this life we may have chosen to be to learn how to speak up for ourselves and not allow it anymore, for we may not have been able to do that in a past life due to cultural expectations. So we know in this life we can finally speak up with out being punished in some way. Once we understand the lesson, which may be speaking our voice, and fulfill it, we won’t have to come back and do it again!

If we look at our patterns here, like possibly choosing emotionally unavailable parents, friends, and lovers, almost always we are here to learn self-love.  This is one of the most difficult lessons to learn since we seem to look outside ourselves for this emotion. We look to others to love us and then when they don’t we unconsciously assume we are unlovable. We accept that we are unlovable sooner than to turn inside and question if we really are loveable. When we really take a look we have many wonderful qualities. The question is always, how am I supposed to love myself. It starts with not taking on others judgments of you. How dare anyone judge you when they have their own faults or issues they need to work on. In speaking up to them and telling them that they hurt you or can’t treat you that way any more will not only empower you (self love) but also teach them that their behavior is unacceptable. You become the teacher they need so they too can grow and evolve.

There are many lessons we come into this life to learn but the one that keeps showing up as a pattern is the main lesson. What have you come here to learn?

Is strength, compassion, truth, trust, love or self-love, creativity, spontaneity, focus, tolerance, or humility? Those are just a few. Sit with yourself and see if you can find your pattern and perhaps your lesson. Let me know what you find.


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