Edgar Casey’s thoughts on illness coming from our past lives

Edgar Casey was known as the “Sleeping Prophet”. He was one of the most influential medical intuitives during the 20th century. He diagnosed, treated and healed many using natural herbs, nutrition, visualization, soul information and empowerment to help patients heal themselves with his guidance. He was truly a man and healer ahead of his time.

The following is an excerpt on his thoughts about our illnesses coming from past life times as well as our present.

“The mind is a focus of other healing principles. The unconscious mind plays a role in many illnesses and diseases. One example of this is the karmic factor in health problems. Memories from previous incarnations, stored in the soul mind, can trigger problems in the body. Of course, we shouldn’t go so far as to suppose that every health challenge has past-life roots; nevertheless, the perspective of reincarnation can help us understand what we could possibly be dealing with as we seek healing.

The familiar Cayce axiom, ―Mind is the builder,‖ leads us to wonder exactly which attitudes and emotions best foster healing. The readings emphasize several:

  §  Self-acceptance. As we rid ourselves of self-condemnation, we make room for healing forces to enter.

  §  Optimism and hope. We’re encouraged to expect healing.

  §  Patience. It’s much easier and quicker to destroy health than it is to rebuild it. 
We need to be willing to patiently invest whatever time is required. 
Alongside these specific attitudes and emotions, we’re invited to use the creative potential of visualization to stimulate our own healing. The mind’s image- making capacity can be directed in such a way that we ―see‖ the healing transformation taking place. This is not something that’s accomplished in a single visualization session. Like all the Cayce health-promoting approaches, it requires persistence and works best in conjunction with other healing methods. 
Perhaps the most important principle of the mind’s relationship to healing concerns purposefulness. A person can experience temporarily an outer healing – that is, in the physical body only – yet still be spiritually sick. What cures the soul? A commitment to a purposeful life. Not just any purpose, but instead one that reflects care for other people. 
On occasion a reading from Cayce would pose this question to the person who was ill: What would you do with your life if you were healed? 
What would the body be healed for? That it might gratify its own physical appetites? That it might add to its own selfishness? Then (if so) it had better remain as it is. . . But first the change of heart, the change of mind, the change of purpose, the change of intent. 3124-2 
The position of Cayce’s psychic source was simply this: Why correct the physical condition unless there’s also going to be an inner correction? People who are looking for both inner and outer healing are the best candidates for restored health and vitality. In Cayce’s philosophy, healing should equip us to be more useful to others. 
With this ideal of service in mind, we might also wonder just how we can be channels of healing to others. What principles govern our efforts to be healers to those for whom we have concern? One principle is based on the spiritual connections that exist between all people. It states that as we bring the experience of oneness into our own consciousness, it can profoundly help someone else experience oneness, attunement, and healing. Cayce’s way of putting it was, ―…raising the Christ Consciousness in self to such an extent as it may flow out of self to him thou would direct it to.‖ (281-7) 
For this to be most effective, the recipient must desire such help and have requested healing prayer. Of course, we can always pray for someone, even if that 
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individual hasn’t asked us. But it’s important that we not assume we know what’s needed in any person’s life. For one who hasn’t specifically asked for prayer, we can simply offer prayers of protection and blessing, rather than try to direct healing energies to that person or for a specific condition.

It is also important to remember that each reading was given for an individual. It must be emphasized that no suggested treatments for any particular ailments should be ―lifted‖ from any individual reading and tried by another individual except under the supervision of and with the cooperation of a physician or licensed health care professional. However, there were many suggestions that were given over and over, and these can be studied to find how they apply to ourselves. These healing principles can be grouped in four categories that referred to as CARE.

Circulation – moving the blood around the body through therapies such as massage or spinal manipulation

Assimilation – encouraging the body to pull the proper nutrients from the food by eating the proper foods and in the proper combinations

Relaxation – taking time to rest and let the body recuperate and counterbalance the daily activities

Elimination – removing the waste products from the body through therapies such as sweats, colonics, and fume baths

For more information about CARE and recommendations on the lifestyle described in the readings, please see Dr. Harold J. Reilly‘s Handbook for Health. There are also many verbatim collections of the readings in other Circulating Files, Research Bulletins, and Treatment Plans for individual diseases which may be purchased through Customer Service at 800-333-4499.

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We do not advocate a do-it-yourself process. Please seek out the advice of a health professional before implementing any recommendation.

In summary, the Cayce readings remind us that our natural state is wholeness and health. An innate wisdom within ourselves knows what’s needed for healing. We should expect to get well, and we should be willing to do our part to make it possible. ―Those that expect little of the Lord receive little; those that expect much receive much – if they live it!‖ 1424-1″