Love of Self

 I believe we come here to learn many lessons but ONE main lesson.

That will show up a lot during our lifetime and in many different ways. If we come into life choosing emotionally unavailable parents we may continue to do so in most of our succeeding relationships. If this is the case THE lesson that is presented to us is usually one of self -love. We are suppose to learn that when love is not available out there we are to turn inside to start the process of self –love. Most of us instead keep looking for it out there. It won’t be there until we can love ourselves first. Energy attracts like energy.

 What does self- love look like? Yes, massages, meditations, exercise, more sleep, good food, but is that all? It needs to incorporate respecting ourselves enough to ask for what we really want, not accepting what we don’t want and speaking up for ourselves to show how worthy we are. It’s telling friends, family or strangers that they can’t talk to us without respect, or treat us  less than what we deserve. YOU are special and you must believe that. If you don’t believe you are than no one else will either.

 Many times we think we feel special or love ourselves but many times we carry energetic blocks from other lifetimes that remember guilt, shame, or other emotions that had caused us to feel unworthy. We consciously don’t remember those times but our cellular memory does. Until we release these feelings of unworthiness we will not be in self-love.

 I will share a story with you that turned around a young woman’s life when she finally let go of her feelings or emotional blockage of unworthiness.



 Sandy came to see me since she was tired of everyone taking advantage of her and that she would allow them to do so. She would get so angry at herself that she would not say no more often. She said she never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings and always wanted everyone to like her.

 “I hurt myself to avoid hurting others.”


Let us go back to the root of your feelings of unworthiness.

I regressed Sandy back to a lifetime in 1941. She saw herself as a young woman sitting by a pond with her husband, happy and in love. She described that the pond was on their apple tree farm in Rhode Island. Sandy recognized the husband as her son in this life.

Sandy went into the house to cook dinner for her husband and herself. While she was frying their dinner, Sandy went to the bathroom and returned to a smoke-filled kitchen. The curtains had caught on fire, filling the whole house with smoke. Sandy passed out, only to awaken in the hospital. She had survived, but her husband had died in the fire.

Sandy cried at the thought that she had killed her husband and said,” Look what I ‘ve done to him” and “We never even had children.” Sandy’s husband comes into this life as her child. In her past life, Sandy tried to start a new life out in California, seeking to get over her tragic accident. She met another man who was very social and married him only to find out that he had cheated on her and was never home.

Still filled with self-blame about her first husband, she finally broke out of reality. Feeling depressed and remorseful, she walked down to and into the Pacific Ocean to end her pain.



Last Thoughts:

Where are all of my support systems?

Connection and Awareness:

Sandy was very sad that she had killed her first husband in her past life, who is now her son in this life. She felt it made so much sense since she was always trying to please him and dote on him. Sandy was still carrying her guilt from the accident and feeling that she did not deserve to have joy in this life.

Always trying to please everyone else was a way of trying to win back love that she did not get from the second husband. It also helped Sandy understand why she has had trust issues in this life with her present husband. Sandy’s cellular memory was still holding that her last husband cheated on her. When we feel that we do not deserve to have joy in this life, we put that energy out there and manifest things and people in our life that will fulfill that prophesy.

Sandy has been looking for those support systems here, but, instead, she attracts those who want her support. After the regression, Sandy understands the reason she has been trying to please everyone, especially her son. After releasing the energy of the guilt, she no longer feels the need to please.

Sandy now has a very healthy relationship with her son and with her family, speaking up and asking for their support when she needs it. A new respect for her has developed within her family.