CASE STUDY FROM MY BOOK- Footsteps Through The Sands of Time-Past Life Dramas Present Life Lessons


CASE STUDIES FROM MY BOOK- Footsteps Through The Sands of Time- Past Life Dramas Present Life Lessons




Linda came to me upset since her husband had periodically cheated on her and seemed not to care what she thought. She wanted to leave him many times but kept going back to him. She was frustrated and felt hopeless. She had originally married him to get out of her home, away from her abusive parents.



I Just Can’t Trust My Husband!




INTENT– Let’s go back to the core of your trust issues with your husband.




     Linda regressed back to a lifetime in France in the late 1600s. She saw herself as a lovely young French girl in ornate clothing and surroundings. She said she felt bored and catered to. Linda was an only child. Linda grew up in this palatial home with everything a woman could want, except love. Her parents were cold and self centered. They would throw parties to keep up with those in their circle yet would hardly interact with Linda in private or at those parties. Linda looked sad as she reported her relationship with her parents.

We released that sadness and feelings of isolation and abandonment she was feeling at that moment. I could see a lightness come over her heavy mood of depression. We continued to progress in time.

Linda’s only companion and love was that of her horse with whom she spent many hours.

As I progressed Linda along I could almost see the loneliness form in her facial muscles as she held herself lovingly since no one else seemed to in that life. We progressed every five years where she would either be alone or with her horse. Linda started to detach by creating fantasies of romance, love and travel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      At age 18 she described a ball her Parents threw for her. This was a ball for

Linda to meet her future husband. Linda did not want to meet a man this way. Her fantasies were more gallant. She was introduced to a society man who was cruel and noncaring. Linda felt powerless and sad. Where was her gallant knight she fantasized about. We released more anger, sadness and helplessness.

Linda did not love this man and found the engagement silly. Even though she didn’t believe in the formalities of the time, Linda had to honor them and married the suitor her parents choose for her.

Linda became angry sitting in the hypnosis chair, at the thought she had to marry someone she disliked. I too felt this anger, at dishonoring the sacredness of free will choice in love relationships.

            Since I’m hooked up energetically, I tend to feel the same emotions my clients do. Linda marries this cruel man to oblige her father. Whenever Linda could she would sneak off to the stables to be with her horse. Linda confided in Jonathan, the stable boy, about her feelings. He would listen sympathetically and hover reassuringly. This was against society’s rules but Linda started to fall in love with this empathetic stableboy. But Linda didn’t have the courage to run off with her lover.

Time went on this way, until the day the stable boy realized Linda could never be his.He told her it was too tortuous to continue this way so he left. He finally found a woman he fell in love with and married her. He moved away, breaking Linda’s heart. Linda sobbed in the hypnosis chair for his loss. I had her breathe out all the sadness she held. Linda grew distant from her husband, who never knew about the affair with the stable boy. He cared less since there were many ladies of the court willing to be of service to him.

     As the years went on, Linda thought often of her stable boy and the love they shared. Linda grew depressed and very alone isolating herself from everyone and everything. I could see her shrinking in the chair holding herself for comfort in her deep despair. She only wished for peace through death. Please let me die!” she sobbed again, and then we released some more.

     Linda died at age 50 of a broken heart.




LAST THOUGHTS – I miss the stable boy. I am so alone and just want to die.




LESSON– Love and Strength.




AWARENESS AND CONNECTION – Linda cheated on her husband in that lifetime, as did her husband cheat on her. Due to infidelity on both parts they needed to work out that karma here. It is so strong due to the emotional connection for both. Here they had to both stay faithful to clear this karma. Her husband in that life is her husband here. Since Linda married that man not out of love, she needs to learn how to love him here as well, or leave him with love and forgiveness. Linda, we found out by our guides, has seven more lifetimes of infidelity to clear before she can truly trust her husband in this lifetime. A story needing resolution. She also realized she did not marry out of love in this life as well.