Fears and Phobias


Fears and Phobias


Sometimes, we know from where a fear or phobia might be coming. We know when something in this life triggered the fear or phobia – such as witnessing a plane crash and then being terrified to fly again. However, most of us have many fears or phobias that we cannot explain. For example, we may fear crossing bridges, heights, water, fire, flying, animals, insects, or snakes. Most always, we find the root of these fears to be past-life related and easy to treat. We need only to go to the root of the fear or phobia under hypnosis. It will take us to the actual event that caused it. When we release the energy around the memory and trauma, the phobia is then released and will no longer emerge.

This story is another story from my book to help you understand where many of our fears and phobias begin and why.




A forty-year-old man, named George, came into my office to work on a severe case of claustrophobia. He reported that he would go into a state of anxiety when he got beneath the covers in bed. He felt the same anxiety in elevators or places where he was confined. In obtaining his history, George revealed “the only trauma in his life” was a car accident in which he had been driving and which killed his best friend. He also said he has worked on his guilt and has cleared those wounds.


Intention:  Let us go to the root of your claustrophobia.

George regressed to a medieval life where he was a teenage girl in a field of flowers. She enjoyed being alone, isolating herself from others, without any thought of her vulnerability as a young woman.

While picking flowers, a huge man wearing a black cape and dark clothing kidnapped her and brought her to a large, stone house in a deserted countryside. Not even bothering to remove his black cape, he raped her. Afterwards, he threw her in a deep hole in the ground where she was bitten by rats and died within a week.

Lesson: Strength

Awareness and Connection:


George realized that the blankets evoked the cellular memory of the cape of the black-caped man. The memory surfaced as a phobia. The hole that he had been thrown into triggered fears of enclosed spaces causing the claustrophobia in this life.

I asked him if he recognized the energy of the caped man in this life. George was surprised when he realized it was his best friend who had died in the car crash when George had been driving.

In the past life, George’s friend had caused his death. In this life, George was responsible for his friend’s death. I explained this as Karmic balance. With this understanding, George was able to really release the guilt he had been carrying since the accident.

George needed three more lifetime regressions to release his claustrophobia. After his first session, however, George was able to cover himself with blanket.