Children with Past Lives- Validations

Past lives have great importance in understanding who we are today. We are who we have been. We can use the information we receive to help heal us from illnesses, fears, phobias, depression, anxiety, understanding our relationships and blockages we carry over from past lifetimes that are preventing us from a happy full life.

We can also understand our gifts and how to use old ones in our lifetime now.

Research has been validating past lives from documenting historical information, science finding the area of the DNA holding past life memories, and brain scans showing highlighted areas that hold spiritual memory. The support is powerful now that past lives do exist.

The following is a show that now reports children having past life memories. They are indisputable  Please watch and decide for yourself.

ghost inside my child – YouTube

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Nov 11, 2014 – Uploaded by newsblogger56

I have memories of being in Vietnam in a past life. I was shot in the head in 1975 then born again in 1979 a few …

The Ghost Inside My Child
TV series

  • Children sometimes report remembering experiences from past lives with many accounts being documented and researched since the 1950s. “Ghost Inside My Child” features stories from children who have vivid memories that belong to other people and spotlights their families, who want to figure out who the children were in their previous lives. Some stories include a girl who remembers being inside the Empire State Building when a plane crashed into it, a boy who remembers a tragic fall that ended his prior life, and a boy who details memories of a tribal rite of passage.