Mangled Legs – Why do some people come into this life with a handicap?


Many years ago I had a client, we will call Paul that had Cerebral Palsy. He was such a sweet young man who was a very old soul. He was very spiritual and instead of becoming a victim to his handicap he was strong, wise, and independent.


He gave me his history from his birth to the present time. His father was a doctor. When Paul was born and his father found out he had a handicap child, he became angry and abusive. He hated the idea that his son was less than perfect in his eyes. His father would drink excessively and then beat Paul. His mother felt helpless and instead of stepping in to save him she would drink heavily too and escape into her own world.


Somehow Paul grew up as a loving, friendly child, always trying to help others, even though his abuse was constant.


At 21years old Paul moved out of his home and rented a room from a loving, kind, woman. They bonded right away as if they knew each other before. He had become the son she never had. She would cook for him, help him tie his shoes or anything he might have had difficulty with. He was amazed that someone could care for him so generously and was grateful every day that she came into his life.


Paul asked if we could do a regression to see why he came into this life with his CP. I said of course and admired that he was so interested in why this had to happen to him. As I have mentioned in other blogs, we life script before we come here, our life story and the traumas alike. I also wondered why he chose this handicap . I was excited to hear his story since I learn so much from each client’s story. It could shed light for others who may have the same disability or the same lesson.


The day we were going to do the regression he asked if the woman he now lived with could sit in to hear his story. I had no problem with her joining us. I had noticed that she had a bad case of psoriasis. I also wondered why she came here with that malady, only that day we were there to understand Paul’s CP.


As I started the regression Paul went under very easily. He started describing living in a log cabin in the 1700s. His mother was with him and they had a very loving relationship. When I asked whom his mother was in his present life he cried and said it was the woman he was presently living with. The tears were soul recognition and joy to be with her again. He said his father would come home in drunken rages and hit both he and his mother. They would always try to protect each other. After the rages were over the father would then just fall off to sleep.

One night the father came home in one of his rages, and hits the mother who fell and hit her head on the corner of the fireplace. The fire was lit and the mother’s dress caught on fire. She was unconscious. The little eight year old jumped on his father trying to hit him for what he had done to his mother. The father threw him onto the floor and stomped on Paul’s legs breaking them so he could not move. The father left the two. Due to Paul’s legs being broken and mangled he could not leave or help his mother out of the burning fire. The dress spread the fire and both Paul and his mother burned and died in the fire.


I gently brought Paul around who was feeling such anger and sadness from the regression. I helped him release those emotions, which he felt in the regression as well. I could see the woman wiping her eyes from having to witness the horrific life they both shared.


We all discussed the events and the karmic replay with his father and the woman he was now living with. Paul came into this life with the broken legs his father caused in that last life from an angry, drunken rage. Only the father never learned his lessons, only to perpetuated them again in this life. This time Paul could clear his karma with his father by walking away from him not allowing him to ever hurt him again. Perhaps Paul’s father had guilt coming from his cellular memories of that lifetime causing him to drink away those feelings and transferring his self anger onto Paul.


Two interesting phenomena’s happened. Paul still had CP but his gait had gotten much better. He now has understanding of why he chose his father again and handicap.He needed to clear his karma with his father and now he is the victor.

The woman who had a bad case of Psoriasis watched it get better as well. We were able to see why she came into this life with that skin issue. When we die in a fire many times we carry over skin issues in this life from those burns. The emotional components are released so the body can finally heal.


Ultimately, we need to forgive our abusers since we all have been both the abuser and the abused. It doesn’t mean we condone the act of the abuser, it just means we need to release the abuser from having to play that role for us any longer and we release ourselves from having to play the victim any longer.


Paul continued to have a wonderful relationship with that woman and both understood why they felt so connected when they met.


Is it a coincidence that they ended up together? I think not.