I sat in shock like everyone else who had different expectations at the outcome of the election. How could of this happened? I just prayed to the Universe asking that the outcome be for our highest good and this is what came in? This is for our highest good?

I first got angry as many of you. Then I went into deep grief that was palpable. Then I got confused. When my emotions started to quiet down, after seeing we were still here, the earth did not fall apart I was able to sit quietly and just think.

I truly believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Why didn’t the Universe stop this man from getting in? I thought about what he represented to me. INTOLERENCE on so many levels.

It took me back to the memory of having 10 clients who were Holocaust returnees. They had gone back to the lifetime in concentration camps, remembering the horrific crimes committed against them. At the end of each session, independent lifetimes during the Holocaust, I asked each one why they chose to go into that life. It is my belief from doing this work for 30 years that we life script before we come here while we are in spirit, deciding what we need to do to learn a lesson, clear karma, and/or to teach a lesson. Each client replied the same; “ I went into that life to teach HUMANITY the lesson of TOLERANCE!” So very sad we never learned it.

I finally got it! The Universe decided to bring this lesson back again so we will all have to look at it and try to heal it this time. The whole world once again is in a crisis in order to learn that we need to respect each others differences, learn from the differences, release our arrogance to assume each one of our views is the right one only, to give compassion to those who have a more difficult life than we, and not judge them as being less than we but what can I do to help them. Those who chose such challenging lives are our greatest teachers and bravest souls. When you turn us all inside out we all look the same. We are all the same. I have learned from my work that we have all been the abuser and we have all been the victims. We have been different cultures, races, religions, and different genders. It is all for our learning and evolving. If we hate someone or culture in this life we may be that culture in the next life to walk in those shoes. How else would we learn what it truly feels like to be that person or culture than to live it?

There is plenty on this earth for all of us. Plenty of love if we are willing to be open to it.

When will we be ready to embrace each other’s differences, accept our natural freedoms to be our authentic selves, and allow peace into our lives and hearts? This is the time! It is time for us to finally heal all of these intolerances by taking hands, with one action at a time, in using our voices, freedoms, love and compassion. We don’t have a choice about healing this issue anymore. It is up in our faces right now by the Universe so we can finally address and heal it.


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