I have always loved traveling and experiencing other people’s cultures and environments. I would allow myself to transform into the energy of the places becoming them and pretending to live in those places. I would come home and continue to think about them reliving the memories and going on with my life here, in my culture and in my home. They would become a distant memory, as time would continue in the world I knew.

After my last trip to Italy I loved the energy of the people, the culture, the food and the beauty around me. It was easy getting swallowed up by the sounds, the smells, the sun, and the warm Mediterranean. I loved the slow pace. I had just come from a busy week of work and a pace that I hardly could keep up with. No wonder it was so easy sliding into this wonderful world so different then mine.

I sat on the beach thinking about how I loved Italy. It was another world away, no problems, no rushing, and no stress. I felt like I had crossed into another dimension. As I started thinking about it I realized I did. It was someone else’s reality, not mine. I enjoyed being there and pretending it was mine. Only their reality included their problems, their stresses, their cultural habits, like work hours. They would work until noon and break for a 2 hour lunch. Some would come back at 2 but then some would come back at 4. Then they would work for another couple of hours and go home to be with their families. Some would take their ritual coffee at the local coffee bar on the way to work or on the way home. Some would sit in the piazza and talk with their friends or strangers. There was always time for socialization. This was their life. This was not my life or my reality but it was theirs. I stepped into their dimension borrowing their reality. This reality was only 7 hours away from my reality. Yet it was completely different. It was like a different dimension.

When I thought about being in China, Morocco, France, India I wondered what dimensions I crossed to be in those places with such different cultures that I also borrowed while there. It amazed me how easy it was to cross dimensions and live so differently when it was only an illusion for me but those cultures realities. My reality was only when I crossed back into the USA and went home.

It started me thinking about the work I do; how we step back into the past lives we had in different cultures, in different realities, that feel like an illusion here. In this life we have a different reality. I also realized there is not one person that shares the same reality since we have all come from different past lives that effects us today, different families, different journeys, and in different places. So we each have our own, very own, reality. Because of that what is one person’s reality is another person’s illusion.

When we step into another country or culture or even in our own country, there are different energies that affect us, that may feel really good or not so good. Regardless, they are not our realities but we borrow them to try to feel part of it for a time. Others do the same when they come to our country or city, or village. They borrow our realities to try it on to see if they like it or to just experience it. It is our reality but it will be their illusion.

I remember having a client many years ago who was Japanese. She came to see me to see why she never felt comfortable in her homeland of Japan. She had come to the states and married a Mexican man. I thought how interesting it was the mix of such different cultures. I regressed her back to a time in Japan to see why she never felt comfortable there. She saw herself as a Samurai. He was very loyal to the Emperor and was not allowed to express or feel emotion. He needed to be very stoic and strong in his role. He made a very good Samurai but after many years got tired of not being able to express his emotions. He then created a false insanity so they would think it was a mental illness, not being disloyal to the Emperor or just a desire. It would save face that way. They ended up placing him in a hospital setting where he would walk around laughing, crying, screaming, and finally letting out all the emotions he felt.

When I tried bringing her back, she said she did not want to come back since the earth was too angry, to fearful. She wanted to go to a more loving planet one she remembered being on before she ever came to earth.

I tried to explain in desperation, since she was firm about not coming back, that she did choose this planet and to think about all of the wonderful things this planet offered. I told her to think about the beauty of a sunset, the dew on the morning flowers, the miracle of babies and life. She cried and through her tears she said, “that is all an illusion!” I gently brought her back and we talked for a while, helping her to reground and feel better about being here.

I thought about what she said, “It’s all an illusion!” I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I tried to meditate later to understand what did she mean? Was it that the beauty of a sunset was an illusion? That beauty was an illusion? Was it life was an illusion?

I had too much mental chatter to quiet my mind to meditate, so decided to go for a swim instead. It was a beautiful warm summer day so at least for me the water would soothe my soul.

As I floated in the pool alone, I stared up at the clouds and a beautiful Asian looking man with a long white beard and mustache appeared in my minds eye. I asked who are you? He said I am your spirit guide Chen. I said I was glad he came for I had a question for him. What did my client mean when she said “It’s all an illusion?” Did she mean that the beauty of a sunset was and illusion? He said, yes. I said did she mean the beauty in life was an illusion? He said, yes. I said did she mean that life was an illusion? He said yes, “To you, you see the beauty of the sunset, the dew on the flowers and the miracle of life. So for you it is real. For your client she cannot see the beauty of the sunset, the dew on the flower or the miracles you speak of through her tears. So for you it is a reality and for her it is an illusion.”

It was then that I realized we are all an illusion to one another since we each have our own realities. Not only is one countries reality another countries illusion, but also what one person’s reality is another’s illusion. We borrow each other’s reality to try it out to see if it feels good or not. If it does we may become friends or go back to the place we like. The good thing or maybe bad thing is that we always have to go back to our own reality.

I thought after all of this, no wonder there are constant judgments made to people and places, governments, parties in governments, and cultures. If we all just realized that no ONE shares our own reality so they can’t see what we do through our eyes.

We are only their illusion. Therefore, we need patience and understanding that they are not we and maybe disappoint us for they will not do or act as we do. Instead let’s borrow each other’s realities, embrace the differences, grow from them but we can always and will always go back to our own. Can we do this without judgment?