Important Past Life Terms and Concepts

Here are some important past life terms and concepts I will be referring to in many of my posts:

SPEED– Past life Regression Therapy goes right to the root of an issue, phobia, trauma, relationship, etc. therefore expediting the healing process. In the same session, the negative emotions that arise are released from the lifetime immediately through breath work. Again in the same session a spiritual guide is summoned to help answer all of the “why” questions, our lessons from the past and the present, and any other questions that might help us understand this life better. Also in the same session we undersrtand the karma and relationship connections to the present life, allowing us to make “choice”, hopefully the right choices that can finally shift the past karma we have been carring.

Many people are healed after one session from issues that may have plagued them for many years. SometimesMore than one session is necessary, if information is given to us by our guides telling us it will take more than one lifetime to release the energy that may be causing the issue.

RELEASING NEGATIVE EMOTIONS – When we experience trauma, fear, anger, loneliness or any other negative emotion, my theory is that our subconscious takes a deep breath in and holds that emotion, storing it either in the body, memory, or in our energy field. We than carry that negative emotion through life and into the following lifetimes until it can be released. It is very important to release these emotions since emotions cause illness. We have witnessed incredible changes in the physical body after releasing these emotions. Those who have illnesses due to these negative emotions have actually healed the illness. For example, a woman who has asthma in this life found she died in a fire, in a past life, choking on the smoke. After we released the fear, she had during that death she awoke without a trace of asthma. This woman in releasing this fear had also released the phobia of fire she had her entire life. She remains cautious but the intense fear of fire is no longer present. We actually feel physiologically lighter, since the burden of carrying the heavy emotion through lifetimes is gone.

 KARMA (CAUSE AND EFFECT) – Many people misunderstand how Karma works. Most feel if they were having a bad life or situation in this life, they must have done something terrible in a past life. It does not always work that way. Some times, we have a victim life over and over to learn a lesson of “speaking our voice.” We would choose such a life to push us into speaking up for our selves since possibly we did not learn it in past lifetimes or could not do it in past lifetimes due to circumstances. Another example would be someone killing someone in some lifetime and healing him or her in another. Karma can take many forms and it is you who decides how you create your drama in the next life, learn your lessons the best possible way, with the best-selected people. You usually choose the people that you have “unfinished business” with, so you could finally put closure to this business in a more satisfying way. All of the stories are filled with lessons and the people are connections that still need to teach or to be taught by you. In doing, Past Life Regressions one finds out what their Karma is with people and events. We can finally change our Karma by satisfying the reason we choose this karma on the other side. With Karma, we have freedom of choice. We do not have to satisfy our Karmic ties here we can wait to do this in another lifetime or on the spiritual side. This is not right or wrong, it just is.

LIFE LESSONS – PAST AND PRESENT – We have come to this earth for three things, to love, to be loved, and to learn. There is nothing we go through in life that we cannot learn a life lesson from. When we experience a wonderful moment admiring nature for example, we could be learning how to appreciate life’s natural made surroundings, or how to be in the moment, etc. If you have a trauma you could ask why did this happen to you, or you could ask what was it you needed to learn by the event. For, if we could learn something from any situation and use it to enhance this life, than the pain of the event does not seem as bad. Lessons are abundant. The following are some my clients have shared: Love, strength, compassion, speaking ones voice, living life each moment, never take a life including speaking ones voice, compassion, truth, trust, duty, loyalty, honesty, self love, patience, etc. We sometimes learn our lessons so they may not repeat themselves. Sometimes we create the same dramas each lifetime to learn the same lesson. Sometimes we create dramas that are more difficult because we did not get the lesson in the last lives. Sometimes the lesson may skip lifetimes until it is needed for a certain life lesson or circumstance. We are constantly learning but sometimes we do not realize it, or get it. It is why we are here. It is important to find out why you are here and what it is you need to learn so you can accomplish it.

LESSONS– After years of doing this work, I have come to the conclusion that life is about love ,Karma and lessons.  All that we experienced is there for learning.  We choose, on the spiritual side, our relationships, life plan, incorporating traumas, and difficult issues, so we can grow and learn from them.  Why can’t we learn from something easier?  Well, we have tried in past life times yet never learned what we choose to learn that way. It is OK that we did not; we have more opportunities on the spiritual side and then in our next life as well.  If we did not learn that in previous life times, we may choose something that will push us into learning it this time.  When we are uncomfortable or in pain, we do not want to stay there since it does not feel good.  Therefore, we change something to make ourselves feel better. Sometimes we cannot learn something without experiencing intense pain or suffering, for other stimuli would not propel us to the lesson at hand.

For example, victimization. Let us say in this life we were sexually abused by a family member.  We walk in a numb or shameful reality until our subconscious is capable of confronting the truth and making change.  When it feels too bad we feel hopeless, depressed, fearful, or trapped, so we feel we have to make change or die. At that point, we have choice.  We can both choose to speak our voice, to say, you cannot do this to me anymore, and stand up for ourselves, or we could leave the abusive situation. We may try to help others who‘ve experienced the same trauma. Our other option is to perpetuate the abuse that was done to us. When doing this work we find that we were supposed to learn; to speak our voice, or speak up for ourselves, to learn how to be strong, how to love ourselves, that we have all been the victim and the abuser, and lessons of forgiveness.  How could we learn these lessons without a situation or event that forced us to do so?  That is why we choose difficult things in our lives; it pushes us harder, faster and more directly to do our work and learn our lessons.  There are many scenarios to employ those lessons.  One can learn, honor, love, strength, speaking our voice, loving ourselves, truth, balance, non- judgment, tolerance, empowerment, compassion, joyfulness, duty, etc.

When we learned our lesson, we need not go through difficult scenarios to learn it again. There are always new lessons to learn since we are always creating new karma and with new relationships.  We may need to learn the same lesson again if we forget our lessons from before by recreating new karma.  We may choose a new way to learn it, depending on what created it.  If we learn what we need to learn in this life we can go forward using this information, put it into effect so we can complete this life’s lesson, and hopefully move on to further our learning.  Everything in life is a lesson or should be.  What ever we experience we should look at it with eyes of, “what could I learn from this experience?” Using past life regression therapy we find out what our lessons were from the past enabling us to see if they were accomplished and if not, why?

We also find out what our lessons are from our present life, what we are here to learn. This process will make life easier to handle, more comprehensible, fuller, and more spiritually connective.

ENERGY– Everything in life is made up of energy. Our thoughts and emotions are energy as well as our words and deeds. Studies have shown that patients hooked up to a biofeedback machine that were sent loving thoughts by a person in another room, immune system got stronger. Later that day the same receiver received negative thoughts and his immune system became depressed.  The reason for this is that thoughts are energy and when we send thoughts to a person we send either positive or negative energy.

We see these thoughts can affect us physically as per the receiver mentioned before.  If this is true, then don’t we have to be ever so careful and responsible for all that we say and think. The power of thought and word can create physical change to manifest, and then we can change many things in our environment.  If so, we can literally change the world.  These manifestations happen from lifetime to lifetime as well.  When a person is on their deathbed, their last thoughts are very important and effect their next lifetime.  For an example, if a person thinks, “I’ve been smothered by responsibilities my whole life,” they may reincarnate with asthma. They also may choose   another life, much the same as the last, to learn we all have freedom of choice. We don’t have to feel so responsible, that’s our choice. The next time we may choose to have a simpler life so we don’t create a smothering trauma or experience. This can shift the karma, so it does not have to be addressed again.

We are constantly creating as we are constantly thinking.  If we can change things or create things by what we think, lets think about the power of love or loving thoughts.  Can we make a world that is loving, peaceful, and beautiful, ultimately, yes.  What prevents that from happening?  One thing, fear, fears of change or of the power to create. Greed, the desire to always want more, even when we have plenty.  Control or power, resides in the egos.  Egos have to transform for our highest good.  What stimulates greed, control, and powers are past lifetimes of karma that made us this way in this life.  This work can help shift this.  Another pattern we carry from past lifetimes is what I call “the non-deserving mode”.  This is the place we put ourselves last, on that back burner.  The place we subconsciously feel that we do not deserve to live in a loving, peaceful, or healthy world.  We can also release that negativity doing past life work.

PHYSICAL ILLNESS AND HEALING- Physical illness and healing are a common phenomenon in this work. Most of our physical illnesses are due to emotions.  We see that stress, fear, anxiety, etc. can cause headaches, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, etc. the premise is that if we “hold in” our feelings they can manifest into illness.  If this is true then perhaps in our past lifetimes this was true as well.  If that is true, then perhaps illnesses we may have today may be from those lives we never released those emotions   from.  Is it possible to carry emotions and illnesses from lifetime to lifetime? The answer is yes.

When my clients have gone back to the root of their illnesses, we release the emotions that caused their illness either from this life or a past lifetime. Many times, we may witness a physical healing after this release. For example, an older man in his 60’s came to me with rumatoid arthritis, not being able to comfortably sit in my chair.  We went back to understand his relationship with his parents.  Through his tears, he reported that his father made him feel so ashamed of his sensitivity about the world. We released his shame from his past and present life.  His arthritis felt significantly better.  After weeks of releasing shame and fear from his past, he reported his arthritis no longer bothered him at all. Another client went back to a lifetime where she smothered from smoke inhalation in the fire.  As she died in that fire, we released the trauma and fear she experienced.  She had had asthma since she was a small child in this life. After this release, she reported that she was symptom free. Years later, she reported the same. If we can heal illness by releasing emotions, then we can prevent physical illness from occurring.

THE INTRICACY OF INCARNATING– People often ask how do we decided when to incarnate and with whom? The information offered in channeling and with past life regression work, is that we develop a tapestry mixed with people we have karmic debt with, lessons that need to be learned, dramas that still need to be played out, metaphors that need to be completed, wounds that still need healing. We may choose the same culture or a different one depending on the need. The same holds with religion, or color. We may need to be geographically located in a certain part of the world. We usually reincarnate with the same close people in our lives each time, depending if these people can fulfill the drama and lessons this time around. We see our connections to people who may be our doctors, postal workers, or healers in this life, again completing karma from other lifetimes. It has been described that there is a place where there are records kept, that hold every thing we do and say and think. After we review these records there is something like a big computer in the sky that processes all of this information, deciding who would best help us learn our lesson we need to learn and what circumstances would best facilitate this learning. We than wait for the right moment and enter, choosing the right parents for the job. They too have to agree to make this work. It makes us wonder how special, not awful, these abusive people are in our lives, to choose to come here to be that way to help us learn our lessons. Who but someone who loves you deeply would want that awful job? You being the higher soul, who knows best at the time of decision making on the other side, can see clearly choosing a life not always joyful, but sometimes of pain for your greatest growth. You must applaud your soul’s higher wisdom.

SYNCHRONICITIES- CARL JUNG introduced us to the word and concept of synchronicities. He defined it as a happening that has personal meaning beyond the intended meaning of that event. I call it, non-coincidence. If we listen, synchronicities are going on all the time. If we listen, they will always guide us to the right place. It acts as that sixth sense of connection. It is a tool that is used often by the universe to lead us or communicate with us. One synchronicity can lead to another. The trick is to keep following them. Example, someone asks you how they can develop their psychic ability. You tell them you once went to a workshop 6 years ago to learn just that. You remembered the instructors name and you tell the friend her name. You remind her that it was 6 years ago and don’t know if she still does that work. The very next day you receive an invitation to a workshop called how to develop your psychic ability. The instructor happens to be the instructor you told your friend about. You also could use some incite on the progress of your book and she would be the one to help shed light on that subject. Since you did not hear from her in 6 years, and just mentioned her to your friend, and could use this incite, is it coincidence or synchronicity? Synchronicity leads us on our journey from start to finish.

INTENTION-When a client comes in with an issue, illness, relationship problem or question, I take a history intake to see where there may be any patterns in their life. I listen for red flags that may alert me to an important piece of information thsat is effecting their issue. We come to an agreement in the best way to form a verbal intention for the subconscious to look for that memory. While under hypnosis we will give the subconscious the intention so it can find the memory and regress us back to that time.

ADD/ADHD– ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. The diagnosis tells us that either the children or adults can not focus and is easily distracted. Some are more energetic then others. This population has been over diagnosed and treated with medication that might have been avoided if they tried this work first. I have seen a pattern of ADD cases having died in a war and the client says, “I never saw it coming.”

LAST THOUGHTS– Our Last Thoughts are the most important part of our lives since they can bring us into this life with a physical illness or malady, or a whole new llife drama,. I will always ask my client to go to their death in the past life and tell me what those last thoughts are. Later we make the connections.



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