Another Child’s past life memory confirmed

Her Son Keeps Waking Up Screaming At Night, Then Tells Mom He ‘Used To Be Somebody Else’

barbara_diamond BARBARA DIAMOND

Ryan Hammons may look like a typical little boy from the Midwest, but deep down he has a “secret identity” of sorts. At the age of five, Ryan kept waking up at night screaming and crying. His concerned mother, Cyndi, had no idea what was causing her son’s bizarre behavior.

One night, Ryan finally confided in Cyndi. “Mom, I have to tell you something,” he said. “I used to be somebody else.”

Ryan proceeded to tell his mom that he believed he was the reincarnation of a man who died more than 50 years ago. Cyndi instantly felt chills down her spine. There was something so unsettling about Ryan’s confession; she was scared. Reincarnation was something she wasn’t comfortable with or even believed in. So, Cyndi kept Ryan’s claims a secret from her friends and family… even from her husband.

Ryan explained details of his supposed past life, like how he had two sisters, was married five times and loved to drink Tru-Ade, a brand of orange soda that had been discontinued decades before Ryan was even born. Cyndi still kept everything a secret.

Then one day, the pair flipped through a book about the Golden Age of Hollywood and turned to page featuring a black-and-white still from a Mae West film. Ryan immediately pointed to an unnamed man in the picture and said that that was the man he claimed to be.

The man in the photo was identified as Marty Martyn, a movie extra who went on to become a successful Hollywood agent.

Researchers confirmed details about Marty Martyn that matched Ryan’s story. Martyn did indeed have two sisters, was married five times and had a favorite beverage: Tru-Ade.

Watch the video below to find out what happened next.

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I couldn’t link the video but it is worth seeing.





What is causing your weight? Can you lift it out of the Past?




We have all struggled with weight issues, be it that we need to lose weight or gain weight. We try diets, exercise, hypnosis, and psychotherapy among other “solutions” for resolve. Most of the time they don’t work.

Could it be that our weight issue comes from a past life? The following client came in with her weight issue and was surprised to find that it did in fact come from a past life.

The following is an excerpt from my book as one of many stories or lifetimes causing eating issues.




Weight Issues



I Don’t Deserve to Eat



Silvia came to see me about feelings of unworthiness but one issue was causing her health to fail. Silvia was anorexic. She became frightened that the last doctor told her if she didn’t put on some weight soon that her organs would start failing her and she could die,




            Let’s go back to the root of your eating disorder.



Silvia saw herself as a ten-year-old boy outside, working in a field but with no hair and what looked to her like pajamas. She felt great fear, as soon as I asked her how she felt emotionally. When I asked her when she saw her mother last, she remarked she was about eight years old and that there were many people yelling as they took her away from her frightened mother. Silvia was shipped off to a concentration camp along with other German children like herself. She felt very alone and hungry.

They found out that she knew how to play the piano. Silvia was quite an accomplished pianist at seven years old. Her mother started giving her lessons at four years old and she played like she had played for lifetimes. She would create and compose music for the piano as early as five and learned new music very quickly.

When the soldiers heard about her they requested she come to their quarters to play. They would reward her with fine food and drink. Silvia learned very quickly to please the soldiers in order to eat well. She would feel guilty since so many were so hungry. Silvia was also not a very strong boy. She was a bit frail in that life and was grateful not to have to carry the heavy stones that the other children were ordered to carry and not to have to get so dirty outside doing that chore. She had to share a bed with those other children on a dusty mattress with a torn grey blanket that smelled.

At age 15 Silvia said the Americans were trying to help and the war was almost over. Her job was not only piano playing anymore but to take her fellow Jews to the showers or ovens to be gassed or burned. She felt so much guilt that not only could she eat and stay clean but that she had to betray her own kind.

Silvia would sneak some food now to others to help rid her from the deep guilt she held from her new jobs.  On one evening a soldier followed Silvia back to the barrack to witness her giving some of her food to the others. They pulled her out in front of the others and shot her for sharing her food.


Last Thoughts:

If I kept my food I wouldn’t be put to death!





Awareness and Connection:

Silvia understood the importance of food in that life. She survived only because of her piano playing.  She lived for years well fed and clean while her family and others starved and died around her. She carried so much guilt that finally when she had to bring the others to meet their death she no longer could take her guilt and gave them what food she could. Silvia saw why she felt she didn’t deserve to eat in this life. She felt she should be punished for all of those who died in the camps due to starvation, when she could eat.

We discussed that during those horrific times one had to focus on their own survival in order to stay alive. It was not her fault that the Germans made her do such awful jobs at the end, and if she rebelled, she surely would have been put to death even earlier.

The soldiers liked Silvia in that life due to her talents alone, but put her down when ever they got the chance. Watching her fellow Jews and herself be treated worse than dogs, Silvia came into this life feeling unworthy. Food was her only resolve of self-punishment here since others died due to starvation in that life.

Silvia was not surprised that she was in that lifetime. She always got physically ill when anyone would mention the camps or if she had any contact with any information about the camps. She was sad but fully understood what she was doing. I explained that she should now honor those that died of starvation and feed her well. This way she could feel healthy and worthy of being a Jew and a human being. It has taken months for Silvia to change her habits but she is finally eating well and honoring all those that perished during the holocaust from starvation.

Is Reincarnation Real? Is Science Real?




There are those who believe in reincarnation and there are those who don’t. Is it because we feel we are betraying our own religious belief system? Is it because people may think we are strange or foolish since there is no science to support it?

Could it be that we are in fear of what we have done in this life that we fear the idea of karma for our next life? Perhaps it is all of the above.

When I started my practice 25 years ago, I summoned different religious leaders of the community. I had a Catholic Priest, an Inter-faith Minister, a Rabbi, and a Buddhist Monk gather in my office, in order to see if I had offended anyone’s religious belief when practicing Past Life Regression. After all, it was based on the premise of reincarnation. I was quite surprised to hear the reaction of all of the participants. The Catholic Priest said they had believed in reincarnation up to the period when Constantine came into power. Constantine felt if people knew they had another lifetime to live after this one that they might not work hard in this one since they would be given a second chance. I was quite surprised when the Rabbi agreed that Judaism also gave up reincarnation but during the enlightenment period yet for the same reason. However, orthodox Jews still believe in it today.

The Inter-Faith Minister was more embracing of reincarnation as he was of all faiths. The Monk of course believed in reincarnation since their religion had been based off of this for thousands of years.

I was astounded to find that every religion basically believed in reincarnation at some time in history. I felt better that I didn’t have to offend anyone when doing my work.

The irony is that one doesn’t have to believe in reincarnation to have a successful regression or healing.

15 years ago, a client stepped into my office and changed my life forever. She had come wanting to stop biting her nails. However, after taking a history intake I realized we had a lot more work to do. I will call her Sara. Sara was basically on suicides doorstep. Her childhood was filled with shame. .She was sexually abused,

Hated by her parents, and moved down to Florida when she was 16 to meet an alcoholic boyfriend who got her pregnant? Sara’s brother sent down a friend to

rescue Sara and bring her back to N.Y. Sara ended up marrying this young man who rescued her. Finally a nice person who could take care of her and her baby.

This husband was a NYC policeman. In fact, it was he who gave her my one and only ADD I put in the Penny Saver magazine of which I had clients for a whole year.

In our first session I put Sara under hypnosis and asked her subconscious to go back to the root of her nail biting. This is where our journey began.

Sara went back to a life in the 1920’s to a place neither she nor I ever heard of. She said it was in Claremont, Virginia or Mt. Clare Virginia. Sara was a boy in that lifetime who would spend hours watching his catatonic mother who had electric shock treatments for her post partum depression, sit rocking with her hands over head waving them around. All that little boy wanted to do was to stop her hands. He would put his own fingers in his mouth as if to control hers. This was were the cellular memory came from and why she bit her nails here when feeling stressed or out of control. As we went further into the lifetime a psychodrama emerged. The little boy was sent off to boarding school since the mother could not spend time with him. The father found a mistress to share his time with since he too couldn’t be with his wife either. When the boy was 10 years old the father accidentally ran him down while driving an old car and talking with his mistress. The boy, Sara, became brain damaged. He was put into a psychiatric hospital since that was all they had in those days to accommodate brain damage and it’s effects. At age 21 he is taken by a monk to a fourth of July celebration at the town square. He was now a mental age of about

Four years old. He spotted a little girl who was intrigued with him and they walked off together. He later raped the girl not really knowing what he was doing. She ran back screaming and crying to her family at the celebration. They tried to lynch him on a tree until the sheriff came to save him in his 1920’s pick-up truck. He was brought back to the hospital where 3 guards beat, tortured, and killed him.

This was a difficult lifetime to go back to but it helped her to identify the same people who were in that life as being most of the same people in her family in this life. She was able to forgive the abuser in this life when she realized she raped the little girl and was her abuser in that 1920s life. She understood finally why her parents hated her and were always ashamed of her in this life. Her father was the sheriff in that last life where he was ashamed of her as that boy. We hold cellular memory and so they were still ashamed here and never knew why. Sara healed so beautifully in fully understanding why she had to go through everything she did in this life. She was able to forgive everyone in her life here.

After 15 regressions back to the same lifetime to acquire more information that she requested, Sara asked me if we could go to Virginia to see if we could find pieces of that lifetime. I agreed to help her validate her experience and healing, and for me to validate my work and that reincarnation is real.

We went down to Virginia since we found a Claremont Virginia on a map. We also found the name of the psychiatric hospital and where that was located. We knew somehow we would find more once we got down there. We found everything and more. It is one thing to facilitate Past Life Regressions in my office, but walking through the memories and finding all that she told me in the regression was like walking through a twilight zone. We found the hospital, the house the boy lived in, the Ale house the father would go to with his girlfriend, the boarding school he attended, a pub her dad drank at, the place where the 4th of July celebration was held, where she met the little girl, a museum that had the electric shock machine that was invented by a Dr. Galt in the late 1800s. We even found a school picture of a little boy with his class who looked like Sara today.

The total journey was Divinely guided and we were led by synchronicities. I won’t tell more since it will be coming out in my book, but it was a journey that changed my life.

There was no science that could prove it right or wrong. There will always be skeptics, but Sara and I know that we found everything she told me about from her regression, which proved to us that it was real. That reincarnation is real.



A part of my discovery- learning about past life regression

“Go with your gut, or knowingness,” was the message of the day, and it was not lost on me. I pursued the path, gaining greater confidence with each step forward. I joined a professional organization, The Association for Past Life Research and Therapy, leading and participating in workshops given by leading regression therapists, sharing experiences and techniques. I was astounded to see validation, results, to share the experiences of others and to test my own.  I was astounded to see that far from being an innovative new science, Past Life Regression had a noble history, as deep and rich as our dream life and as memorable as the archetypes of our existence. The array of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, healers of all kinds and spiritual leaders who were using this therapy in their practices surprised me.

It was still a closet science, and we all felt a sense of vulnerability. How could we be sure? How could we define our methodology and at the same time establish our credibility in a world of the material, the scientific, the ultra-rational and ultimately non-experiential? Many were keeping it quiet, fearful of risking reputations that had taken so long to establish.

Yet an iceberg was moving, a tremendous shift was underway in ourselves (this was the age of a New Millennium after all) and in the psyche of our very planet. We all started finding many, many more people open to such findings, and many clinicians were experiencing, chronicling and validating the same phenomena. Of course the most important criteria was the increased speed in healing the client. Amazingly, what could take years of traditional psychotherapy was being accomplished sometimes within weeks!  We were not abandoning old systems, rather, we were absorbing the new, and the results were spectacular. We saw amazing healing on many levels as emotions were released and connections to the present life made miraculous physical healings happen as well.

The discipline known as Past Life Regression Therapy grew from a tiny group of practitioners to a well-respected and fast-growing field worldwide.  People seeking connections, healing, and to repair psychic wounds – or wounds to the psyche – found help with Past Life Regression Therapy. Now, there are therapists practicing all over the world in the professional association alone.

This therapy has been found helpful for almost everything whether mental, spiritual, physical, emotional or energetic in nature.  As I continued my work, many themes, lessons and theology blossomed. Important information emerged that mankind needs to know.  Footsteps in the Sands of Time: Past Life Dramas – Present Life Lessons represents what a sacred tool this work is to my clients and a step in my own spiritual growth. I now seek not only to share this amazing work, the timely stories and spiritual knowledge, but to help pull together what it is we all need to learn from this information. For me, life is unfolding as a script that we put together before entering our physical body, one that will

help us understand what we need to learn, with whom we need to learn it, and the choices that can always change our past, present and future karma.

We need to know who we were to better understand who we are.   In this constant process of remembering our pasts comes a shedding of our bodies, a cycle of incarnation into other lives and bodies all drawn together by a miraculous spiritual flow that science is only beginning to define and quantify, but what the spirit has known all along. We have the tools within us to do so, through prayer, the unconscious, an open heart and mind, a power, and wonder that can cross lifetimes and dimensions.

We are all the same people, each sharing the same breath from the Supreme Being that has given us life. We have all been the victim and the abuser, all been Chinese, African, Jewish, Catholic, handicapped or kingly. Therefore we need not judge others since we have been where they are now or will be. We have forgotten how to live our basic truths of how to love, be at peace, live in harmony with humans, animals and the environment that nourish and shelter us. Our greatest obstacle is how to get there – our greatest barrier is intolerance – both of others and of the beauty within ourselves.


Near death experiences reported around the world have indicated that when we leave this world we are our own judges. We witness a life review and know where we have failed to learn, where we have created good and what we must do to compensate for our missteps. We know that we will walk into the next life better prepared, with greater wisdom and greater experience, but we must remember why we have come and what we must do to achieve our lesson. It is up to us to accept without judgment the lives we have led, trusting that we chose this life to learn from, and bring ourselves closer to the oneness that we know as God. I will share my stories hoping that something may touch what you need to learn while on your spiritual journey.